Safety Cap  Hard Hat  Green

Safety Cap Hard Hat Green

Was K35! This SABS approved helmet provides limited protection against falling objects and bumps and is designed to absorb the energy of an impact by partial destruction or damage to shell, harness, or both. It comes standard with a6 point headgear suspension system that makes for unrivalled protection and comfort, and LDPE 2-part headgear with 2 stage height adjustment and a Tricot cushion sweatband and a safety cap/hard hat SANS 1397:2003 standards and is also approved by the Department of Minerals and Energy.

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  • Poly Propylene shell
  • 6 pin low slung buckle fastening system with adjustment from 500mm to 640mm
  • Central raised channel with auxiliary channels run over the top of the cap
  • providing superior vertical rigidity and impact resistance
  • A gutter to divert water around the cap shell away from the neck and off the peak.
  • It also provides lateral rigidity
  • Side slots for a wide variety of accessory attachments
  • Flat front panel allows for embossing, stickers or lamp brackets
  • 40mm peak provides shade as well as facial protection from falling objects
  • 3 lugs allow for the attachment of 2 & 3 point chinstraps
  • One size fits all: 50cm - 64cm
  • 284g assembled weight
  • 6 point suspension
  • 6 pin low slung buckle adjustment 500mm to 640mm
  • 40mm Peaked brim
  • 270 degree gutter
  • Accessory slots
  • 3 lugs for chinstraps
  • Materials: PP Shell, LDPE 2-part liner and Tricot cushion sweatband


  • The helmet provides limited protection against falling objects and bumps and is designed to absorb the energy of an impact by partial destruction or damage to a shell, harness, or both. Although the damage may not be apparent, helmets subjected to severe impact should be replaced.
  • Components of the helmet should not be removed or modified. Use only Safeco replacement parts.
  • Helmets should not be adapted for the purpose to fit attachments in any way. Inspect and maintain the helmet and headgear on a regular basis and replace damaged or worn parts. Replace the complete harness.
  • Application of solvents, aerosols, paint, petroleum products and/or cleaning agents may cause damage to the helmet.
  • Use only a mild solution of soap and water to clean the helmet. Record issue date for use on the label inside the shell. Recommended period of use is 2 years or as considered necessary by the safety officer or user.
  • To provide protection the helmet headgear must be adjusted to the size of the user’s head. This helmet provides limited protection to the upper head by reducing the effect of the impact of objects striking the helmet.
  • Storage should be provided in a cool clean environment away from harmful ultra violet light exposure. Packaging should be in clear polypropylene or woven bags. for long-distance shipment stack vertically in transit.

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