Big Blue + Block Carbon Water Filter

Big Blue + Block Carbon Water Filter

A filter recommended for CTO removal will produce water that is much clearer in colour with a more appealing taste and elimination of odours.
$105 per set
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CTO is an acronym for Chlorine, Taste, and Odor. The CTO filter will produce much better results than the Granular Activated Carbon filter but at a lower flow rate.

Water ThroughputUp-to 3500L/H
Filter Replacement FrequencyApprox. 150,000L - 200,000L
Water connection (In and Out)25mm
Power SupplyN/A
Minimum / Maximum Working Pressure0.1MPa (1 Bar) / 0.8MPa (8 Bar)
Filter Accuracy (microns)5.0 μm microns

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