Pre-School Transport Fees - Town, Kamwala

Pre-School Transport Fees - Town, Kamwala

Take advantage of the safe transportation offered to learners travelling to & from town through Nyumba Yanga SDA, the Cultural blind and the school
K2,750 per term
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Last updated 14 Sept 2022

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1) Before paying this fee, you will need to inquire about transport fees and payment plans. You may contact Crested Crane Academy using:

2) When paying, please give the name of the student as a reference on the Address number line.

Product TitleCrested Crane Academy Pre-School Transport Fees - Town, Kamwala
Evelyn HoneK2,750 per term
Cosmopolitan MallK2,875 per term
Kamwala South/Yellow ShopK2,750 per term
West Park MallK2,750 per term
Richard Kachingwe/Police PostK2,750 per term
Puma Filling StationK2,750 per term
Tum School ChilengeK2,750 per term
Shatumbu RoadK2,875 per term
Nyumba Yanga SDAK1,875 per term
Green AvondaleK2,750 per term
Sibongo RoadK2,750 per term
Cultural BlindK2,750 per term

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Crested Crane Academy provides quality education for children between the ages 2 and 5 years. The pre-school offers baby class, middle class and reception class. Using a structured curriculum, pre-school teachers create play activities to teach academic concepts such as number and letter recognition, writing and counting.