Grade 1-4 Tuition Fees

Grade 1-4 Tuition Fees

High-quality affordable education is offered to young learners to uplift curiosity, build on social skills, and encourage confidence & accountability.
K22,000 per pupil
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Grade 1-4
Last Updated 30 Jan 2023

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Primary School Grade 1-4 Tuition Fees

  • Term 1: Paid at enrolment
  • Term 2: Paid before 2nd May
  • Term 3: Paid before 5th September


1) Before paying this fee, you will need to inquire about school fees and payment plans. You may contact Pestalozzi Education Centre using:

2) When paying, please provide the Surname, Name, and Grade of the student as a reference on the Address number line.

Product Title10.1” touchscreenPrimary School Grade 1-4 Tuition Fees
Annual Tuition FeeK22,000
Term 1 Tuition PaymentK8,800
Term 2 Tuition PaymentK8,800
Term 3 Tuition PaymentK4,400

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The Pestalozzi Primary School, inspired by Swiss educationalist Johann Pestalozzi, promotes both high academic attainment and practical skills – the philosophy of head, heart and hands, with a hands-on approach to learning. The school is located in a beautiful and quiet environment and offers quality primary education.