Multiplus-Ii 48/3000/35-32 230v G.X Inverter Charger

Multiplus-Ii 48/3000/35-32 230v G.X Inverter Charger

Inverter/Charger with built-in networking and communication between solar charger, batteries, and other devices to control a grid-connected, off-grid, or remote power installation.
K25,100 per unit
Last Updated 24 Feb 2023

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Features & Benefits

A MultiPlus-II with LCD and GX functionality

The MultiPlus-II GX integrates a MultiPlus-II inverter/charger and a GX devicewith a 2 x 16 character display.

Display and Wi-Fi

The display reads battery, inverter and solar charge controller parameters. The same parameters can be accessed with a smartphone or other Wi-Fi enabled device.

GX device

The integrated GX device includes:

  • • A BMS-Can interface. This can be used to connect to a compatible CAN-bus managed battery. Note that this not a VE.Can compatible port.
  • • A USB port.
  • • A Ethernet port.
  • • A VE.Direct port.


The MultiPlus-II GX is intended for applications where additional interfacing with other products and/or remote monitoring is required, such as on-grid or off-grid energy storage systems and certain mobile applications.

Parallel and three phase operation

Only one GX unit is needed in case of Parallel and three phase operation.

Dimensions50.6cm · 27.5cm · 14.7cm
Product TitleVictron Energy MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 230V GX Inverter Charger
Stock CodeVPMP482306000
Product CodePMP482306000
Transfer switch32A
Maximum AC input current32A
Auxiliary outputYes (32A)
Inverter DC Input voltage range19 – 33 V
Inverter Output voltage230 VAC ± 2 %
Inverter 13 MP
Inverter Frequency50 Hz ± 0.1 %
Inverter Peak power 5500 Watts
Inverter Maximum efficiency95%
Inverter Zero load power 11 Watts
Inverter Zero load power in AES mode7 Watts
Inverter Zero load power in Search mode2 Watts
Charger Input voltage range187-265 VAC
Charger Input frequency45 – 65 Hz
Charge voltage 'absorption'57.6 V
Charge voltage 'float' 55.2 V
Charger Storage mode52.8
Maximum battery charge current35A
Battery temperature sensorYes
InterfacesBMS-Can, USB, Ethernet, VE.Direct, Wi-Fi
External AC current sensor (optional)50A
Programmable relayYes
VE.Bus communication port For parallel and three phase operation, remote monitoring and system integration
General purpose com. portYes, 2x
Remote on-offYes
Operating temperature range-40 to +65 °C (fan assisted cooling)
Humidity (non-condensing)max 95 %
ColourBlue (RL5012)
Protection categoryIP22
Battery-connectionM8 bolts
230 V AC-connection Screw terminals 13 mm² (6 AWG)

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