J.P.C-65-12  12v 65ah Lead Carbon Battery

J.P.C-65-12 12v 65ah Lead Carbon Battery

A durable and reliable lead carbon 12V 68Ah battery suitable for security systems, emergency lighting, UPS systems, and off-grid energy backup systems.
K1,720 per battery
Last Updated 21 Apr 2023

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Further information

The JPC-65-12 is a type of lead-carbon battery with a 12-volt nominal voltage and a capacity of 65 ampere-hours (Ah). It is a rechargeable battery that is designed to provide reliable power for a variety of applications, including renewable energy systems, backup power, telecommunications, and industrial equipment.

Lead-carbon batteries are a type of advanced lead-acid battery that utilize carbon additives in the electrode material to improve their performance. This results in batteries that have a longer cycle life, higher charge acceptance, and better high-rate discharge capabilities than traditional lead-acid batteries.

The JPC-65-12 battery is designed for deep-cycle applications, meaning it can be discharged and recharged repeatedly without significantly reducing its capacity or lifespan. It has a rugged construction and can operate in a wide range of temperatures and environments, making it suitable for use in harsh conditions.

With a capacity of 65 Ah, the JPC-65-12 battery can provide reliable power for a range of applications, from small backup power systems to larger renewable energy systems. Its compact size and low weight make it easy to transport and install, while its long cycle life and high efficiency make it a cost-effective energy storage solution.

The JPC-65-12 battery is a reliable and efficient power source that is well-suited for a variety of applications that require long-lasting, dependable energy storage.

Features & Benefits

  • Lead-carbon composite negative plate, both capacitance and battery characteristics
  • Long cycle life, excellent deep cycle discharge ability
  • Excellent charge acceptance ability
  • The optimised capability of instant high-current discharging
  • Strong high and low-temperature performance
  • Precision sealing technology


  • Solar/ wind energy and other new energy storage
  • Hybrid vehicles, electric bicycles and other new energy vehicles
  • Other backup or cycle purposes
Dimensions35cm · 16.6cm · 17.5cm
Product TitlecMax Batteries JPC-65-12 12V 65Ah Lead Carbon Battery
Product CodeBLCA12065
Nominal Voltage12V
Nominal Capacity65A
Container MaterialABS

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