Cinco 180w 72 Cell Poly Solar Panel off-Grid

Cinco 180w 72 Cell Poly Solar Panel off-Grid

The Cinco 180W 72 Cell Poly Solar Panel is a larger off-grid solar panel than the Cinco 160W 36 Cell Poly Solar Panel. It produces 180 watts of power and has 72 polycrystalline solar cells, which are arranged in a larger 72 cell configuration.
K2,105 per panel
Last updated Apr 13 2023

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This type of solar panel is suitable for off-grid applications where a higher power output is required, such as for larger cabins or homes, as well as for commercial or industrial off-grid systems.

As with the 160W panel, the 180W panel's actual power output can vary depending on factors such as weather conditions and shading. Additionally, the larger size of the panel may make it more difficult to install and maneuver during installation.

Overall, the Cinco 180W 72 Cell Poly Solar Panel is a good choice for those who require a higher power output for their off-grid solar power system. However, as with any solar panel, it's important to carefully consider your energy needs and the specific requirements of your off-grid system before making a purchase.

Rating: 100W Efficiency: 14.4% Width: 680mm Height: 1,020mm 72 Cell Polycrystalline Solar Panel Rigirous quality control meeting highest international standards High-transmissivity low-iron tempered glass, stong aluminium frame using UV-resistant silicon. Aesthetic appearance with excellent efficiency based on innovative photovoltaic technologies. 10 years limited product warranty 10 years @ 90% of the minimal rated power output 25 years @ 80% of the minimal rated power output

Supplier Cinco Solar Panels
Title180W 72 Cell Poly Solar Panel Off-Grid

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