2 Pole 40a Change over Switch, Din, 2m

2 Pole 40a Change over Switch, Din, 2m

A 2 Pole 40A Changeover Switch is an electrical switch used to transfer power between two separate circuits. It is typically used in situations where there is a need to switch between two power sources or to switch a load between two different electrical systems.
K312 per switch
Updated Apr 18 2023

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The 2 Pole configuration means that the switch has two separate conductive paths, which allows for the switching of two circuits simultaneously. The 40A rating specifies the maximum current that the switch can handle. In this case, it is rated for 40 amps of current.

The Changeover function allows for the switching between the two circuits by selecting which path the current should flow through. This is commonly done through a manual handle or lever that can be switched between two positions to change the connection path.

The switch is designed to be mounted on a DIN rail, which is a standard type of mounting rail used in electrical installations. The DIN mounting allows for easy installation and removal of the switch from a control panel or electrical enclosure.

The switch also comes with a 2m cable, which provides a flexible connection between the switch and the electrical system it is being used in. This allows for the switch to be located in a convenient location, while still providing a reliable and secure connection.

Overall, the 2 Pole 40A Changeover Switch is a versatile and important component in many electrical systems, particularly in applications where there is a need for redundancy or switching between multiple power sources.

Title2 Pole 40A Change over Switch, DIN, 2m
CategoryDB Extras (AC)

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