Jpc-150-12, 12v, 150ah, Lead Carbon

Jpc-150-12, 12v, 150ah, Lead Carbon

The JPC-150-12 is a lead carbon battery with a nominal voltage of 12V and a capacity of 150Ah. This type of battery is commonly used in deep cycle applications where high-performance and long service life are required.
K3,840 per battery
Updated Apr 20 2023

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Lead carbon batteries are designed to reduce the formation of lead sulfate on the negative electrode, which is a major cause of capacity loss and reduced battery life in conventional lead-acid batteries. The addition of carbon to the negative electrode enhances the battery's charge acceptance and discharge capability, resulting in a longer cycle life and improved performance.

The JPC-150-12 lead carbon battery is suitable for a wide range of applications, including renewable energy systems, backup power for critical loads, and UPS systems for data centers and telecommunications equipment. It has a high energy density and can operate over a wide temperature range without significant degradation in performance.

To ensure optimal performance and service life, it is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for charging and discharging the JPC-150-12 lead carbon battery. Proper maintenance, including regular cleaning and inspection, can also help to extend the battery's service life and prevent premature failure.

The JPC-150-12 lead carbon battery is a reliable and high-performance option for a variety of deep cycle applications, offering improved cycle life and capacity compared to conventional lead-acid batteries.


Brand: cMax Type: Lead Carbon Nominal Voltage: 12V Capacity (AH @C/10): 150Ah 4200 Cycles @ 30% DOD 2200 Cycles @ 50% DOD 1000 Cycles @ 80% DOD Maximum charge current: C/2 Maximum discharge current: C/2 Weight: 47kg Dimentions: 483 x 170 x 241 Terminal: F20*M8

TitleJPC-150-12, 12V, 150Ah, Lead Carbon
CategorycMax 12V Lead Carbon

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