Nt-200-12, 12v, 200ah, Lead Carbon

Nt-200-12, 12v, 200ah, Lead Carbon

The NT-200-12 is a 12V, 200Ah lead carbon battery that is commonly used for renewable energy storage, backup power systems, and industrial applications. It is a deep cycle battery designed to provide long-lasting and reliable power.
K6,800 per battery
Updated Apr 21 2023

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Lead carbon batteries are an advanced type of lead-acid battery that use carbon additives to improve their performance and extend their lifespan. These batteries are known for their high efficiency, fast charging rates, and excellent cycling capabilities.

The NT-200-12 battery has a nominal voltage of 12 volts and a capacity of 200Ah, which means it can deliver a total of 2.4 kilowatt-hours of energy before needing to be recharged. It is designed to be used in a wide range of temperatures and can withstand harsh operating conditions.

Some of the key features of the NT-200-12 battery include its low self-discharge rate, long cycle life, and high charge acceptance rate. It is also relatively lightweight compared to other types of batteries with similar capacities, which makes it easier to install and transport.

Overall, the NT-200-12 lead carbon battery is a reliable and efficient option for anyone in need of a high-capacity power source for their renewable energy or backup power system.


Brand: cMax Type: Lead Carbon Nominal Voltage: 12V Capacity (AH @C/10): 200Ah 4200 Cycles @ 30% DOD 2200 Cycles @ 50% DOD 1000 Cycles @ 80% DOD Maximum charge current: C/2 Maximum discharge current: C/2 Weight: 61.5kg Dimentions: 522 x 240 x 219 Terminal: F20*M8

TitleNT-200-12, 12V, 200Ah, Lead Carbon
CategorycMax 12V Lead Carbon
Code BNT12-200CA

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