Lite Business 60/48 Lifepo4

Lite Business 60/48 Lifepo4

The Lite Business 60/48 LiFePO4 battery is a product offered by Freedom Won, a South African company specializing in the development and production of high-performance lithium-ion batteries for various applications, including solar energy storage systems, electric vehicles, and marine applications.
K485,000 per battery
Updated 21 Apr 2023

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The Lite Business 60/48 battery is designed specifically for use in commercial and industrial applications, where reliable backup power is essential. The battery features a 60V nominal voltage and a 48Ah capacity, with a maximum continuous discharge current of 100A and a peak discharge current of 200A for up to 30 seconds.

One of the key features of the Lite Business 60/48 battery is its use of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, which provides several advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries. LiFePO4 batteries offer a longer lifespan, higher energy density, and better safety performance, as well as being more environmentally friendly due to their lower toxicity and recyclability.

The Lite Business 60/48 battery is also designed for easy integration into existing systems, with a modular design that allows for scalability and flexibility. The battery is compatible with a wide range of inverters and charge controllers, making it a versatile option for a variety of applications.

Overall, the Lite Business 60/48 LiFePO4 battery by Freedom Won is a high-performance and reliable energy storage solution for commercial and industrial applications, offering the benefits of advanced lithium-ion technology in a user-friendly and flexible package.

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