Pylon Lv-Communication Hub

Pylon Lv-Communication Hub

The Pylon LV-Communication Hub is a device designed to provide reliable and efficient communication for low-voltage (LV) electrical systems. It acts as a central hub for data exchange between different components of the LV system, such as inverters, batteries, and other devices.
K13,800 per hub
Updated Apr 24 2023

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The LV-Communication Hub uses a combination of wired and wireless communication protocols, including Ethernet, RS485, and Wi-Fi, to ensure seamless data transfer and integration of different components in the LV system. This enables users to monitor and control the performance of their LV system, including energy production, consumption, and storage.

In addition, the LV-Communication Hub is equipped with advanced data analytics capabilities, which allows it to collect and analyze large amounts of data in real-time. This enables users to make informed decisions about their LV system, optimize energy usage, and reduce costs.

The Pylon LV-Communication Hub is a powerful and versatile tool for managing low-voltage electrical systems, providing reliable communication and advanced data analytics capabilities to optimize performance and efficiency.


LV-Hub is the CAN/RS485 communication hub for multiple 48V battery groups in parallel connection. The LV-Hub can manage up to 5 groups of 8 x Pylon US2000B Plus or 8 x Pylon US3000B battery modules for up to 140kWh's of storage. The LV-Hub is required when 9 or more solar batteries are used with a system that requires communication. NOTE: For warranty purposes, the LV-Hub is considered a component of the solar battery system and is therefore covered by the battery warranty terms.

TitlePylon LV-Communication Hub
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