Atess Hps 50 Hybrid Inverter with External Ct

Atess Hps 50 Hybrid Inverter with External Ct

The ATESS HPS 50 is a commercial hybrid inverter designed for use in medium-scale solar power systems. Like the ATESS HPS 30, the HPS 50 is capable of converting DC power generated by solar panels into AC power that can be used to power appliances and electronics in a building or facility.
K391,000 per inverter
Updated Apr 25 2023

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It is also capable of managing battery storage systems, making it a versatile solution for commercial solar power applications.

Similar to the ATESS HPS 30, the ATESS HPS 50 comes with an external CT option, which allows users to measure the output current of the inverter more accurately. This feature is particularly useful in commercial applications, where precise power measurements are necessary for energy cost tracking and management.

The ATESS HPS 50 is capable of outputting up to 50kW of power and has a high conversion efficiency of up to 98.3%, which helps to minimize energy loss during the conversion process. It features a wide input voltage range of 150V-1000V DC, which allows it to work with a variety of solar panel configurations.

The ATESS HPS 50 includes a range of advanced features that help to optimize system performance and reduce maintenance requirements. For example, it includes a built-in data logger that can store up to 25 years of performance data, allowing system owners to track system performance over time. It also includes a remote monitoring system that allows users to monitor system performance in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

The ATESS HPS 50 is designed to be easy to install and operate. It includes a user-friendly interface that provides access to a range of settings and parameters, allowing users to customize the system to meet their specific needs. The inverter also includes a range of safety features, such as overvoltage and overcurrent protection, to help protect the system and ensure safe operation.

The ATESS HPS 50 with external CT is a versatile and efficient commercial hybrid inverter that offers advanced features and ease of use. It is a popular choice for medium-scale commercial solar power applications, and can help businesses and organizations to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint.


ATESS HPS 50 Hybrid Inverter with external CT Part No: AT-HPS50-CT Storage Systems - Hybrid 3Phase Inverter The HPS inverter range is a ALL – in one Hybrid inverter for commercial applications and support up to 4 units in parallel and it would be the perfect solution for every business out there. An external CT can be connected to control export to non-essential loads Different working modes (for more info on the working modes, please consult the user manual): Peak-shaving Time of use shifting Back up Off-grid Product Features: 4 units can be paralleled Excellent and seamless transfer between on/off grid Programmable work modes Touchscreen LCD user interface Generator remote control All in one hybrid inverter Build in DC bus pre-charge upon switch on HPS has Frequency shift function HPS has Zero export function even when DG is connected Please inspect the unit before installation as same parts might have come loose during shipping.

TitleATESS HPS 50 Hybrid Inverter with external CT
CategoryAtess Commercial Inverters

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