Wifi for Emax+ G

Wifi for Emax+ G

The eMax+ G is a solar inverter charger manufactured by Growatt, a leading manufacturer of renewable energy products. The eMax+ G is a single-phase, grid-tied inverter with a maximum output power of 5 kilowatts (kW) and a high voltage MPPT range of 125-550 volts (V).
K1,130 per inverter
Updated Apr 26 2023

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One of the features of the eMax+ G is its built-in WiFi capability, which allows users to remotely monitor and control the inverter through a mobile app or web portal. This feature provides real-time information about the performance of the solar power system, including power production, energy consumption, and battery status.

With the WiFi feature, users can also adjust the inverter settings and access historical data, such as energy production and system faults. This information can be used to optimize the performance of the solar power system, reduce energy costs, and ensure the longevity of the inverter.

In addition to WiFi, the eMax+ G also supports other communication protocols such as RS485 and CAN bus, which allows for seamless integration with third-party monitoring and control systems.

Overall, the WiFi feature of the eMax+ G inverter charger provides users with a convenient and efficient way to monitor and control their solar power system from anywhere in the world, helping to maximize energy efficiency and minimize energy costs.

TitleWifi for eMax+ G
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