Export Power Manager 3-Ph

Export Power Manager 3-Ph

The Export Power Manager 3-Ph is an accessory that can be used with compatible Fronius three-phase battery inverters to manage the export of excess energy to the grid. When a solar system generates more energy than is being consumed in the home or business, the Export Power Manager can reduce the amount of energy that is exported to the grid by dynamically controlling the power output of the inverter.
K13,100 per inverter
Updated Apr 29 2023

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The Export Power Manager 3-Ph is particularly useful for businesses that are subject to feed-in tariffs, which are payments made by energy retailers for any excess solar power that is fed into the grid. In some regions, these tariffs are lower than the cost of energy from the grid, which means that it may be more financially beneficial to use excess solar power on-site rather than export it to the grid.

By controlling the export of excess energy, the Export Power Manager 3-Ph can help to maximize the financial benefits of solar power for businesses. The device can be configured to limit the export of excess power to a certain threshold, or it can be set to zero export, which means that all excess energy is used on-site.

The Export Power Manager 3-Ph is designed to work with three-phase battery inverters, making it suitable for larger commercial or industrial applications. The device is compatible with a range of Fronius three-phase battery inverters and can be easily integrated into the overall system.

Overall, the Export Power Manager 3-Ph is a useful accessory for Fronius three-phase battery inverters that can help to maximize the financial benefits of solar power for businesses. By controlling the export of excess energy, the device can help to reduce reliance on grid electricity and make solar power more financially viable.


Solis EPM 5G Plus The control centre for smart energy management The Solis Export Power Manager is the ideal solution for smart energy management for both residential and commercial systems. The unit allows you to adjust export values to satisfy local network regulatory requirements. Energy management with the Solis Export Power Manager allows for higher self-consumption and efficient use of the locally generated PV power. Easy to Use Active power limitation and control at the grid-connection point Automatic, intelligent control of loads with up to 80x Solis inverters (only 10x Maximum to comply with UK G100!) Easy commissioning with the PV System Setup Assistant SolisCloud monitoring platform Flexible Several standardised meter interfaces Individual specifications for controllable appliances Only suitable for Solis inverters made after November 2019

TitleExport Power Manager 3-Ph
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