Olympique De Marseille Training Suit 2021 22 - Sky Blue and Navy Blue

Olympique De Marseille Training Suit 2021 22 - Sky Blue and Navy Blue

Olympique de Marseille, a renowned football club based in Marseille, France, has training suits that are designed for comfort, flexibility, and durability.
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Updated 21 May 2023

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Here's some general features that are often found in these training suits:

Colour: As per your description, this suit is likely to be in the club's colours - sky blue and navy blue. These colours are traditionally associated with OM.

Material: These suits are typically made from breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics like polyester to keep the wearers dry and comfortable. Sometimes they include elastane for stretch and flexibility.

Club Crest: The suit will likely feature the club's crest or logo to showcase team pride. It may also have the brand logo of the manufacturer, which has historically been brands like Adidas or Puma.

Design: The design may include a jacket (with a zipper) and trousers, both featuring elastic or drawstring waists for a secure fit. They can also have pockets for convenience.

Suitable for Various Conditions: Often, these suits are suitable for different weather conditions. They might have mesh lining for breathability during warmer months and insulation for cooler temperatures.

Remember, for the most accurate details including sizing, pricing, and availability, please refer to the official Olympique de Marseille store or authorized retailers.

TitleOlympique de Marseille Training Suit 2021/22
ColourSky Blue and Navy Blue

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