As Roma F.C Jersey (Home) 22 23 Season - Red

As Roma F.C Jersey (Home) 22 23 Season - Red

AS Roma's traditional home kit has been primarily a deep red, often referred to as "Imperial Purple" with orange and white accents, symbolizing the historic colours of Rome.
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Updated 08 June 2023

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Here is a general description of a potential AS Roma home kit:

Colour: The main body of the jersey would be a deep, rich red. The secondary colours, possibly on the trims, sleeves, or collar, might be orange, yellow, or white.

Design Elements: The design could vary from season to season. In some years, the jersey might include additional detailing such as subtle patterns or graphics.

Logos and Branding: The AS Roma club crest, featuring the she-wolf feeding the twins Romulus and Remus, would be prominently placed on the left chest. The manufacturer's logo (Nike, as of my last update) would be on the right chest. The jersey would also likely feature a main sponsor logo across the center.

Material and Cut: The jersey would be made of high-performance, breathable fabric suitable for professional football. The cut would be similar to most football jerseys, designed for both comfort and performance on the pitch.

Other Details: Other details might include a player's number, possibly the name on the back, and additional elements that reflect the history and values of the club.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information about AS Roma's current home jersey, I recommend checking the official AS Roma website or their official merchandise retail partners.

TitleAs Roma F.C Jersey (Home) 22 23 Season
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