Chelsea F.C. Jersey (Home) 21 22 Season - Blue

Chelsea F.C. Jersey (Home) 21 22 Season - Blue

Information about the design of the Chelsea FC away jersey for 2023. A generalized description based on the information provided about the colour yellow, and considering typical design elements found in Chelsea's away kits.
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Updated 20 Jun 2023

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Here is a general description:

Primary Colour: The primary colour of the jersey would be yellow. This could range from a pale pastel yellow to a deep, golden yellow, depending on the specific design choices made for that season.

Club Crest: The Chelsea F.C. crest would be present on the left chest when worn. The crest features a lion holding a staff, which is a nod to the club's historical association with the monarchy.

Manufacturer's Logo: As of my last update, Chelsea's kit was made by Nike. If this is still the case, the Nike swoosh logo would be on the right chest when worn. Please note that the manufacturer could change in future seasons.

Sponsor Logo: The main sponsor logo would be on the center of the jersey. This sponsor can change from season to season.

Design Features: The jersey may also include additional design features. These could include contrasting trim on the sleeves or collar, a pattern or texture on the jersey material, or other design elements. The color of these features would be chosen to complement the primary yellow color.

Material: The jersey would be made of a lightweight, breathable fabric suitable for athletic performance. More recent jersey designs often incorporate recycled materials as part of sustainability initiatives.

Please note that this is a generalized description and the actual design can vary depending on the season and the specific decisions made by the club and the kit manufacturer for that year. Always check the official Chelsea F.C. website or official kit supplier for the most accurate and up-to-date description of their current kits.

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