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Total S.A.E 40 Monograde Engine Motor Oil image
Total S.A.E 40 Monograde Engine Motor Oil
Lubrication System
Monograde petrol & diesel engine oil formulated with detergent-dispersant capability, thermal stability and anti-wear properties for in cars & light vans
Oil Filter - 15607-1780 (Fo-2195n) image
Increase the life of your HINO engine with a 15607-1780 oil filter that removes contaminates & deposits from the engine oil
Oil Filter - 06j115403q  image
Oil Filter - 06j115403q
Lubrication System
High-quality engine oil filter part number 06J115403Q. It is designed to remove contaminants from the engine oil of most Audi & Volkswagen cars and SUVs
Oil Filter - 1230a045  image
Oil Filter - 1230a045
Lubrication System
Premium-quality oil filter designed to remove contaminates from engines found in Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Mazda & Kia Vehicles
Oil Seal - 35x49x8mm image
Oil Seal - 35x49x8mm
Lubrication System
A rubber seal is designed to provide a barrier between two areas to retain fluids and keep out contaminates
Oil Filter - 90915-30002 image
Oil Filter - 90915-30002
Lubrication System
Maintain the health of engines with Oil Filter - 90915-30002. Ideal for most engines found in Toyota Carolla, Celica, RAV4, Harrier, Townace, Noah and more.
Champion Oil Filter - Cof101272s (Z212) image
Champion Oil Filter - Cof101272s (Z212)
Lubrication System
Premium engine oil filter engineered to remove contaminates in select Buell Motorcycles, and various Geely & Totoya vehicles.
Champion Oil Filter - Cof101285s (Z230) image
Champion Oil Filter - Cof101285s (Z230)
Lubrication System
Durable engine oil filter particularly designed for select Case/International, Clark Forklifts, Johne Deer Combines, and Ford, Toyota, Alfa Romeo Vehicles
Champion Oil Filter - Cof101274s (Z95) image
Champion Oil Filter - Cof101274s (Z95)
Lubrication System
High-grade engine oil filter designed specially designed for select Case/International, Clark Forklifts, Johne Deer Combines, and Ford, Toyota, Alfa Romeo Vehicles
Champion Oil Filter - Cof101275s (Z217a) image
Industrial-grade engine COF101275S oil filter for use in various Atlas Compressors, Bobcat Skidsteers, Chery, Freightliner, Dodge, Ford commercial vehicles
Champion Engine Oil Filter - Cof100666e  image
Improve the life of your engine and the overall performance of your vehicle with this high-quality Champion Oil Filter - COF100666E (M81GUD)
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100584e (M70gud) image
Upgrade to premium-grade oil filter inserts designed for specific Alpina, BMW, & Morgan car models to remove contaminates from engine oil
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100639s  image
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100639s
Lubrication System
Keep your vehicle running longer with maintenance. This Champion COF100639S Oil Filter keeps the engine clean, and increases the longevity of the engine.
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100571e (M56gud) image
Premium-grade engine oil filter perfect for the servicing and maintenance of several select BMW vehicles.
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100511e (M14gud) image
Robust engine oil filter insert specially designed for Volvo C70, S40, S60, S70, S80, V40, V70, XC70 & XC90 Models
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100577e (M3gud) image
Performance class Champion oil filter insert designed for use in specific BMW 5 series & BMW 3 series model vehicles.
Champion Engine Oil Filter - Cof100576e (M2gud) image
High-quality genuine Champion engine oil filter insert designed for specific BMW 3 series, BMW 5 series & BMW Z series model vehicles/cars.
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100569e (M10gud) image
Service select Nissan, Opel & Renault cars/vehicles with his performance oil filter that continuously works to remove deposits & contaminants in engine oil
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100550e (M66gud) image
High-grade oil filter insert replacement that effectively removes contaminates in the oil used us premium class Mercedes-Benz cars/vehicles.
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100566e (M73gud) image
Genuine oil filter insert designed to separate dirt & deposits in engine oil used in standard & luxury class Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, & Jeep cars/vehicles
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100528e (M11gud) image
Performance-grade oil filter inserts that help remove contaminants from engine oil that is used in various BMW, Land Rover & Opel cars & vehicles.
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100544e (M47gud) image
Maintain the health of your vehicle with this genuine-quality oil filter that removes contaminates and deposits from the oil used in various BMW cars.
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100545e (M15gud) image
High-performance engine oil filter inserts designed to be used for maintenance in select BMW, Alpha Romeo, Lancia and Fiat cars & vehicles.

Auto & Transportation

Automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, boats, aircraft & spare parts
One of three basic types; land (road, rail and pipelines), water (shipping) and air
Buy and sell motorbikes, motor vehicles, parts both new or used

Vehicles are imported into Zambia by open transport, such as single-car trailers and trucks. Vehicles are driven into Zambia mainly from Tanzania, Namibia and South Africa.

The most popular vehicles in Zambia are saloon cars and station wagons. Other types include pickups, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles.

Automobiles and Motorcycles

In Zambia you can purchase a car new or second hand. Prices of new vehicles are higher than in countries which manufacture cars due to transportation charges and import taxes. Second hand cars also hold their value better in Zambia. The same holds for motorcycles. Well known brands like Toyota, Renault and Honda have authorised agents in Zambia. Before buying a second hand vehicle in Zambia, get it thoroughly checked by a professional mechanic.

Transportation vehicles

Transportation vehicles, their parts and systems are also listed here. This section includes aircraft, aviation accessories, aviation parts, bicycle accessories, bicycle parts, bicycles, boats and ships, bus accessories, bus parts, buses, containers, electric bicycles, electric bicycle parts, golf carts, locomotives, marine supplies, personal watercraft, railway supplies, special transportation, vehicle trailers, train carriages, train parts, tricycles, truck parts and accessories, trucks and vans.

Spare parts

Covering every aspect of a vehicle, these include air cleaners, air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, audio and speakers, batteries, camshafts, exhausts, suspension parts, wheels and windshields. There are many companies supplying spare parts, to satisfy the needs of those who own older vehicles.