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Motorcraft Sp-500 Agsf22fm Spark Plug image
High-quality spark plug with fine wire platinum technology that improves electrode wear beyond the capability of the Single Platinum spark plug
Tuff Stuff Battery Acid image
Tuff Stuff Battery Acid
Fluids & Chemicals
Get your car started and running again with a battery acid refill that is free of iron and other undesirable salts for use in automotive battery cells.
N.G.K 4415 (Dcpr7e) spark Plug image
N.G.K 4415 (Dcpr7e) spark Plug
Auto Ignition System
Genuine NGK 4415 DCPR7E Spark Plug that is fuel-prudent and that also elevates engine performance with long-life features.
Shield Instant Engine Starter image
Shield Instant Engine Starter
Fluids & Chemicals
Highly-concentrated engine starter spray that is easy to use and assists the start of any petrol or diesel engine that puts less drain on the battery
Shield anti-Freeze Coolant Red - 50% image
Shield anti-Freeze Coolant Red - 50%
Fluids & Chemicals
Red coolant anti-freeze with a 50% concentration designed to maintain the health of your engine by providing boil-over protection to prevent overheating
Shield High Gloss Car Polish image
Shield High Gloss Car Polish
Car Care & Cleaning
Make your car shine like never before! This high gloss car polish creates a lasting shimmer, offers UV protection and works on all paint surfaces & colours.
Shield anti-Freeze Coolant Green - 50% image
Extend the life of your vehicle with this anti-freeze coolant formulated boil-over protection and is suitable for cars with petrol or diesel engine.
Shield Carb Cleaner image
Shield Carb Cleaner
Car Care & Cleaning
Keep your engine running smoothly with this carb cleaner developed to remove sludge, dirt and carbon deposits from carburettors, chokes and PVC valves.
Shield Radiator Flush - 350ml image
Shield Radiator Flush - 350ml
Car Care & Cleaning
A radiator flush mixture designed to restore a vehicles cooling system to optimum levels by removing rust, scale and sludge and other deposits
Shield Tool-In-A-Can Multi-Purpose Lubricant image
Silicone-free multi-purpose lubricating spray that not only prevents rust & corrosion but is also safe for use on electrical equipment
Super Hydraulic Brake & Clutch Fluid Dot 4+ image
A heavy-duty synthetic brake fluid formulated for use in drum & disc brake systems and designed with enhanced corrosion & chemical stability.
Oiltec Tecx Brake Fluid Dot 4 image
Oiltec Tecx Brake Fluid Dot 4
Fluids & Chemicals
A heavy-duty synthetic brake fluid formulated with anti-corrosion properties that provide superior action in high-temperature conditions
Champion Copper plus N9yc Spark Plug image
Champion Copper plus N9yc Spark Plug
Auto Ignition System
N9YC Spark Plugs deliver dependable performance & durability and features a copper core for enhanced conductivity and heat control.
Champion Copper plus C9yc Oe003/T10 Spark Plug image
Champion spark plugs enhance the driving experience and easily extracts the power needed from your engine so you can enjoy the smoother idling
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100520e (M8gud) image
Genuine engine oil filter used to maintain & improve the life of engine fitted to select Cadillac, Opel, Saab & Vauxhall vehicles.
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100508e (M1gud) image
Premium quality oil filter insert designed for use in Mercedes-Benz and Jeep Grand Cherokee II fitted with diesel engines.
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100218s (Z226) image
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100218s (Z226)
Lubrication System
Long-lasting oil filter designed for use in select Citreon, Fiat, Ford, GWM, Haval, Honda, KIA, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Opel, Tata, Volvo & Peugeot vehicles.
Maro Auto Spares
Maro Auto Spares
Truck & Bus parts
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100210s (Z164) image
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100210s (Z164)
Lubrication System
Replacement oil filter that removes contaminants from engine oil found in Chery, GWM, Isuzu, Komatsu , Lada, Renault & TCM commercial & industrial vehicles
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100158c (G1029) image
Improve the life of your engine with this Champion COF100158C high-grade genuine engine oil filter for several Fiat engines where specified.
Champion  Oil Filter - Cof100509e (M6gud) image
Durable engine oil filter inserts that help maintain the health of oil used in select Chrysler & Mercedes-Benz cars & vehicles.
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100545e (M15gud) image
High-performance engine oil filter inserts designed to be used for maintenance in select BMW, Alpha Romeo, Lancia and Fiat cars & vehicles.
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100544e (M47gud) image
Maintain the health of your vehicle with this genuine-quality oil filter that removes contaminates and deposits from the oil used in various BMW cars.
Champion Oil Filter - Cof100528e (M11gud) image
Performance-grade oil filter inserts that help remove contaminants from engine oil that is used in various BMW, Land Rover & Opel cars & vehicles.

Automobiles & Motorcycles

Buy and sell motorbikes, motor vehicles, parts both new or used
Among riders are helmets, riding gloves, goggles and biker jackets
Voltage from the battery to the ignition coil to produce the engine spark.
Converts the rotation of the steering wheel to the movement of the road wheels
Allow oxygen to reach the engine for more power and better mileage for your car.
Aftermarket & OEM, all major makes, models & riding styles! Just a click away
Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Bajaj, Pilson and more
Engine power to the rear driveshaft wheels or front axle half shafts
An off-road vehicle with two side-by-side seats and enclosed within a roll cage structure.
Caring for and maintaining your car clean ensures that it enjoys a long life
Improves practicality, comfort, appearance, safety, of your vehicle etc.
MPVs - multi-purpose vehicles, are great choices for family vehicles or all-around driving.
Road motor vehicle, intended for carriage of passengers seating no more than nine persons
All-terrain vehicles, also known as a three-wheeler, four-wheeler, quadricycle and quad bike
Car door visors, exhaust nozzles, other types of car exterior accessories
Ring-shaped component that surrounds a wheel's rim to transfer a vehicle's load to wheel
Any pickup or utility vehicle with an open load area. A very durable and bold truck
Engine to warm up as quickly then to maintain a constant engine temperature.
Classified broadly into two categories: grease lubrication and oil lubrication.
An axle, front, rear or stub, is a central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear on vehicles
Automotive engines are four-cycle or two-cycle engines, gasoline or diesel
Modern spring classes: leaf, coil, air springs and torsion bars
Used for upgrading a new car or add style or improve its capabilities
A rugged automotive vehicle similar to a station wagon but built on a light-truck chassis
A car's body is the frame of the car. It's what connects everything together, etc.
Fuel system comprises components that deliver fuel from the tank to the engine,
A chassis is the main support structure or frame that bears all the stresses
The two types of brakes are disc or drum brakes mounted on the front or rear wheels
Connects or disconnects the engine from the rest of the transmission elements.
Battery, starter, alternator, distributor, electric fan, lamps and more
Normally a minibus is defined as a vehicle which carries between 9 and 17 people.
Includes engine management, radio, in-car entertainment systems, and others.
Engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid etc
Screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, wrenches, and socket set used to repair vehicles

An automobile is a motorized vehicle consisting of four wheels and powered by an internal engine. Automobiles are used to transport people and items from one location to another location. They generally use gasoline to fuel the internal engine, but technological advances have led to the design of cars that run on electricity and even water. There are car dealers that import new cars into Zambia. Thousands of used and new cars are available for sale in Zambia. Find 4x4's, Buses, SUVs, Trucks, Bikes and more. There are auto mechanical servicing centres and a strong network of suppliers of spare parts in Zambia. Buy and sell Bikes or Motorbikes online in Zambia both New or used Motorbikes, Motorcycles, Scooters, Tuk Tuk or Quads for sale at affordable prices

Body, Engine Exhaust, Engine, Intake, Controls, Brakes, Fuel System, Tires, Suspension Lights and Electrical, Batteries and Chargers, Sound Systems, Lights, Device Holders, Windscreens and Accessories, Windshields and Accessories, Rear Panels, Farming and Hunting, ATV Sprayers, Racks and Luggage, Winch and Plow, Winches, Luggage and Racks, Saddlebags, Windshield and Fork Bags, Wheels and Rims

When you need the necessary tools and parts for general maintenance or repairs to your ride, find your motorcycle parts store. Large selections of aftermarket and OEM parts for most major motorcycle manufacturers, with schematics to ensure you quickly get the correct replacement and you'll only find the industry's best when it comes to aftermarket motorcycle parts.

Find everything needed to perform general maintenance and upkeep on your motorcycle from the routine tune-up items like motor oil and filters to the more complicated projects like a clutch job.

Readily available and hard-to-find OEM motorcycle parts for when aftermarket doesn't work or for those who prefer keeping their machine all one brand.

The largest selection of motorcycle parts and accessories is delivered to your door.

Main Parts of Automobile

  • The Chassis.
  • The Engine.
  • The Transmission System. i. Clutch. ii. Gearbox. iii. Differential. iv. Axle.
  • The Body. i. Steering system. ii. Braking system.
  • The Auxiliaries.

The major systems of an automobile are the engine, fuel system, exhaust system, cooling system, lubrication system, electrical system, transmission, and chassis.

A steel frame, is a major part. body and other accessories, which are not involved in the movement of the vehicle. (iii) Other major components include engine, transmission system, front and rear axle, steering system, suspension system, wheels, tyres and brakes.

A single car has about 30,000 parts, counting every part down to the smallest screws, nuts and bolts. Some of these parts are made by the manufacturer, but there are lots of suppliers that make many of these parts. The 30,000 or so parts use different raw materials and different manufacturing processes.

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