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Toyota RAV4 image
From $55,500. Introducing the fourth-generation facelift Toyota RAV4 – the result of a revolutionary new design concept, an SUV that attains a level of refinement never seen before. In a major evolution of its pioneering crossover performance, the new RAV4 takes on stylish new personality, radiant with urban beauty and confident power, and defines the new SUV legend of the future.
Toyota Zambia Ltd
Toyota Zambia Ltd
Light commercial vehicle sales
Toyota Hilux image
From $32700. Hilux challenges the perception of power with its brand new diesel engines. New 2.4 and 2.8 GD engines are performing superbly thanks to new torque technology which dramatically increases torque in low to medium speed ranges and unprecedented acceleration. It also contributes to Hilux’s exceptional towing capacity. This engines are designed to keep noise levels down and efficiency up. In fact, the refined sound insulation can make you forget that you’re driving a pick-up. The same is true for the efficient new 6-speed manual and new 6-speed automatic transmissions: it adds to the premium SUV-style driving sensation.
Toyota Fortuner image
From $84,300. It’s instantly clear that the Fortuner is well suited to any environment. Its body looks tough and durable. 18-inch alloy wheels for VXR and 17-inch alloy wheels for EXR & GXR models, lift the SUV high above the road and a chrome grille between bold headlamps add to its confident personality. Standard-fit side steps, roof rails and front fog lights are all practical details that make journeys more convenient. They’re found alongside a chrome exhaust tip, chrome door handles and body-colored door mirrors.
Toyota Zambia Ltd
Toyota Zambia Ltd
Light commercial vehicle sales
Toyota Land Cruiser 79 image
From $72200. Driving beyond all expectations, from desert heart to the South Pole, in the most severe off-road conditions: Land Cruiser 79 has earned its title as King of the 4WDs. Land Cruiser 79 performance and reliability are legendary.
Toyota Zambia Ltd
Toyota Zambia Ltd
Light commercial vehicle sales
Toyota Land Cruiser 76 image
From $91600. Driving beyond all expectations, from desert heart to the South Pole, in the most severe off-road conditions: Land Cruiser 76 has earned its title as King of the 4WDs. Land Cruiser 76 performance and reliability are legendary.
Toyota Hilux Volcano Erupts the 4x4 Limited Edition image
From $50,900. The Hilux Edition keeps evolving, a Volcano Edition emerged on the Zambia Soil and gave birth to a Manuel Transmission and it is still here. The Hilux Volcano comes in three different colours; Crimson Spark Red Metallic, Super White and Inferno Metallic (orange). This Edition is an on – off road terrains. It emerges when you least expect it because of its high performance suspension.
Toyota Hilux GR Sport Limited Edition image
From $66,300. The Arrival of Adrenaline with stripes of elegance. Give into the adrenaline!
Toyota Corolla Quest image
From $25,984. The new Toyota Corolla is more prestige and elegant than ever. The futuristic new design looks great in every environment. The interior combines intelligent design with exceptional comfort along with class-leading legroom. There are advanced safety systems and wide array of powerful yet efficient engines, making the Corolla an inspiring choice.
Toyota Zambia Ltd
Toyota Zambia Ltd
Light commercial vehicle sales
Toyota Coaster image
From $118,000. Blending science with art, Toyota created a comfortable and roomy interior that everyone in the Coaster will enjoy. The ceiling was set high to ensure generous headroom and contribute to a feeling of spaciousness. Big windows were placed all around to create an atmosphere that is bright and airy. The large, functional seats were designed to be as comfortable as they are attractive. Thanks to a board, flat floor and single legged seats, there is plenty of room to stretch legs as well.
Isuzu Mu-X Suv image
The mu-X breathes versatility and encourages you to explore your own trails instead of following the ones that came before. From navigating peak hours on the weekday school run to a spontaneous off-road adventure, this SUV can do it all.
Isuzu D-Max Double Cab  image
The Isuzu D-MAX Double Cab's bold design and versatility make an impression without a hint of pretence. Maximise your comfort with the spacious interior of South Africa’s hardest working bakkie.
Isuzu X-Rider Range image
The Isuzu X-Rider Rane feature pickups that undoubtedly boost the level of reliability, durability and capability you’ve become dependent upon. This range delivers on the muscular styling and peace-of-mind performance that comes standard when you buy an Isuzu – add in refined interior ride comfort and any journey is a pleasure.
Isuzu  D-Max Extended Cab image
The Isuzu D-MAX Extended Cab boasts a fuel-efficient 2.5-litre diesel engine with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Brake Assist, Traction Control, Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Anti-lock Braking Systems to help you conquer any terrain.
Isuzu D-Max Single Cab image
The Isuzu D-MAX has a renowned reputation for durability, reliability and capability. Although the badge has changed to D-MAX, the global name for our legendary bakkie, our commitment to providing you with South Africa’s hardest working bakkies never will!
Starter Motor Mercedes-Benz Atego image
A starter is a device used to rotate an internal-combustion engine so as to initiate the engine's operation under its own power.
Starter Motor Volvo D13 image
Starter Motor Volvo D13
Auto Ignition System
A starter is a device used to rotate an internal-combustion engine so as to initiate the engine's operation under its own power.
Starter Motor Scania image
Starter Motor Scania
Auto Ignition System
A starter is a device used to rotate an internal-combustion engine so as to initiate the engine's operation under its own power.
Starter Motor Mercedes-Benz Actros image
A starter is a device used to rotate an internal-combustion engine so as to initiate the engine's operation under its own power.
Starter Motor MAN Truck (TGA Engine) image
A starter is a device used to rotate an internal-combustion engine so as to initiate the engine's operation under its own power.
Starter Motor Cummins image
Starter Motor Cummins
Auto Ignition System
A starter is a device used to rotate an internal-combustion engine so as to initiate the engine's operation under its own power.
Katies Zambia
Katies Zambia
Gift shops & Souvenirs
Patchouli & Amber  Car Freshener image
Patchouli & Amber Car Freshener
Interior Accessories
Travel comfortably in luxurious style. The patchouli & amber car freshener is designed to be easily placed in various places and emits a warm and welcoming aroma filled with earthy scents.
Katies Zambia
Katies Zambia
Gift shops & Souvenirs
Willow Moss & Geranium  Car Freshener  image
Willow Moss & Geranium Car Freshener
Interior Accessories
Rid your vehicle of unwanted smells with Jenam car fresheners. Once placed, this odour-eliminating car freshener will freshen up your ride so you can breathe happy, no matter where you go.
Katies Zambia
Katies Zambia
Gift shops & Souvenirs
Jasmine & Vetiver  Car Freshener image
Jasmine & Vetiver Car Freshener
Interior Accessories
Eliminate odours and horrible smells that may be in your car with Jenam jasmine & vetiver car fresheners. This luxury freshener is designed with long-lasting exotic scents that effortlessly transform your ride.

Automobiles & Motorcycles

Buy and sell motorbikes, motor vehicles, parts both new or used
An SUV is a car with a body shape that is characterised by big wheels and increased clearance height with chunky and sporty styling. The SUV generally has a rugged appearance that inspires fun and adventure. The high driving position offers great visibility and there’s plenty of useful space inside. SUVs are designed to go almost anywhere, for getting out and enjoying life. SUV cars are also ideal for transporting passengers, heavy or awkward loads. These vehicles cope very well with all types of road conditions, tracks and uneven ground surfaces. Interested in purchasing a fun and adventurous SUV car? Browse through this category for various SUVs available in Zambian stores.
Voltage from the battery to the ignition coil to produce the engine spark.
Listed in this category are Zambian companies that sell a wide selection of brand new and used minibuses. From schools, companies, bus operators, community transport organisations and individuals to name but a few, car sellers here are able to supply. Some of them offer tailor made finance packages to suit all requirements and budgets. Most brand new buses come with a warranty and free servicing for a certain period depending on the seller. Vehicle delivery can be arranged for most places throughout Zambia and the region (Terms and Conditions apply).
Converts the rotation of the steering wheel to the movement of the road wheels
Allow oxygen to reach the engine for more power and better mileage for your car.
Engine power to the rear driveshaft wheels or front axle half shafts
Caring for and maintaining your car clean ensures that it enjoys a long life
Shop the widest selection of two and three wheeler motorcycles from various Zambian distributors of industry leading brands of bikes. Brands available include Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Bajaj, Pilson, Royal Enfield, Lifan, TVS, Zongshen and Jialing. They come in a range of sizes, engine as well as space capacities. Whether you are looking for your transport, deliveries or sport, you are guaranteed to find a motorcycle that will meet your needs as well as suit your budget on this marketplace. Most sellers also supply parts and safety gear.
Being equipped with proper motorcycle accessories is essential from a safety perspective. It's very important that riders take appropriate care while riding in order to minimise on-road risk. Motorcycle accessories are features and accessories selected by a motorcycle owner to enhance safety, performance, as well as comfort, and may include anything from mobile electronics to sidecars and trailers. The most popular motorcycle accessories among riders are helmets, riding gloves, goggles and biker jackets. These are, in fact, a must-have for any person who loves riding. Browse through this category for various motorcycle accessories available in Zambian stores.
Road motor vehicle, intended for carriage of passengers seating no more than nine persons
Suspension is the system of tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels and allows relative motion between the two. The main functions of the suspension system basically include maximizing the contact between the tires and the road surface, providing steering stability and good handling, evenly supporting the weight of the vehicle (including the frame, engine, and body), and ensuring the comfort of passengers by absorbing and dampening shock. A vehicle's suspension system works hard to withstand a considerable amount of stress compared to other major vehicle systems. Browse through this category for various suspension systems available in Zambian stores.
All-terrain vehicles, also known as a three-wheeler, four-wheeler, quadricycle and quad bike
Car door visors, exhaust nozzles, other types of car exterior accessories
Pickups will help you tow, haul and carry all types of things. They will also get you to places where small vehicles cannot reach. They are perfect for small business owners and families. In this category, you will discover a wide selection of new and certified used pickups from leading manufacturers including Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Isuzu, Suzuki, Volkswagen, Land Rover and Mahindra. Whether work or play, a pickup is a perfect choice if you need a vehicle that is as rugged as it is adventurous. And with so many models to choose from here, you can find a pickup that suits your needs on this marketplace.
The job of the lubrication system is to distribute oil to the moving parts to reduce friction between surfaces that rub against each other. Lubrication plays a key role in the life expectancy of an automotive engine. If the lubricating system fails, an engine would succumb to overheating and seizing very quickly. An oil pump is located on the bottom of the engine. The oil is pulled through a strainer, by the oil pump, removing larger contaminants from the mass of the fluid. The oil then forced through an oil filter under pressure to the main bearings and the oil pressure gauge. It is important to note that not all filters perform the same. Browse through this category for various lubrication system products available in Zambian stores.
The fuel system of a vehicle is made up of the fuel tank, pump, filter, and injectors. This system in a vehicle is responsible for delivering fuel to the engine as needed. The engine intake system is where the fuel is mixed with air, atomized, and vaporized. Once that has taken place, it can be compressed in the engine cylinder and ignited to produce energy. Although fuel systems vary from engine to engine, all systems are the same in that they must supply fuel to the combustion chamber and control the amount of fuel supplied in relation to the amount of air. Browse through this category for various fuel system equipment available in Zambian stores.
Engine to warm up as quickly then to maintain a constant engine temperature.
Automotive engines are four-cycle or two-cycle engines, gasoline or diesel
An axle, front, rear or stub, is a central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear on vehicles
Motorcycle parts and systems for a motorcycle are engineered, manufactured, and assembled in order to produce motorcycle models with the desired performance, aesthetics, and cost. All motorcycle owners should be familiar with their bike parts. Motorcycle parts knowledge entails the functions of the parts, selection of the right parts based on bike model and riding habits as well as the maintenance of parts. Proper maintenance of your bike is not only crucial to your safety but it can also save you money by extending the life of certain parts. A helmet and jacket can help protect you in a fall but properly maintained, quality parts can be the difference between life and death. Browse through this category for various motorcycle parts available in Zambian stores.
All parts on your motor vehicle or bike are very important but tyres are the only point of contact with the road. Without them, you will not be able to move and reach your destination. Find here Zambian suppliers of an extensive range of tyres as well as tubes for your car, truck, bus, tractor or motorcycle. They come in different sizes, dimensions and patterns to suit every need. Brands available include but are not limited to Pirelli, Dunlop, Goodyear, Continental, Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone, Hankook and Yokahama.
These auto accessories include dash covers, seat covers, mirrors, shifter knobs, steering wheel covers, fuel consumption meters, window tint, stereo system, DVD players, floor mats and even air fresheners. Car seat covers can be purchased at any store or auto store and they come in different materials.
A car's body is the frame of the car. It's what connects everything together, etc.
A chassis is the main support structure or frame that bears all the stresses
The two types of brakes are disc or drum brakes mounted on the front or rear wheels
Connects or disconnects the engine from the rest of the transmission elements.
Battery, starter, alternator, distributor, electric fan, lamps and more
Includes engine management, radio, in-car entertainment systems, and others.
Engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid etc

An automobile is a motorized vehicle consisting of four wheels and powered by an internal engine. Automobiles are used to transport people and items from one location to another location. They generally use gasoline to fuel the internal engine, but technological advances have led to the design of cars that run on electricity and even water. There are car dealers that import new cars into Zambia. Thousands of used and new cars are available for sale in Zambia. Find 4x4's, Buses, SUVs, Trucks, Bikes and more. There are auto mechanical servicing centres and a strong network of suppliers of spare parts in Zambia. Buy and sell Bikes or Motorbikes online in Zambia both New or used Motorbikes, Motorcycles, Scooters, Tuk Tuk or Quads for sale at affordable prices

Body, Engine Exhaust, Engine, Intake, Controls, Brakes, Fuel System, Tires, Suspension Lights and Electrical, Batteries and Chargers, Sound Systems, Lights, Device Holders, Windscreens and Accessories, Windshields and Accessories, Rear Panels, Farming and Hunting, ATV Sprayers, Racks and Luggage, Winch and Plow, Winches, Luggage and Racks, Saddlebags, Windshield and Fork Bags, Wheels and Rims

When you need the necessary tools and parts for general maintenance or repairs to your ride, find your motorcycle parts store. Large selections of aftermarket and OEM parts for most major motorcycle manufacturers, with schematics to ensure you quickly get the correct replacement and you'll only find the industry's best when it comes to aftermarket motorcycle parts.

Find everything needed to perform general maintenance and upkeep on your motorcycle from the routine tune-up items like motor oil and filters to the more complicated projects like a clutch job.

Readily available and hard-to-find OEM motorcycle parts for when aftermarket doesn't work or for those who prefer keeping their machine all one brand.

The largest selection of motorcycle parts and accessories is delivered to your door.

Main Parts of Automobile

  • The Chassis.
  • The Engine.
  • The Transmission System. i. Clutch. ii. Gearbox. iii. Differential. iv. Axle.
  • The Body. i. Steering system. ii. Braking system.
  • The Auxiliaries.

The major systems of an automobile are the engine, fuel system, exhaust system, cooling system, lubrication system, electrical system, transmission, and chassis.

A steel frame, is a major part. body and other accessories, which are not involved in the movement of the vehicle. (iii) Other major components include engine, transmission system, front and rear axle, steering system, suspension system, wheels, tyres and brakes.

A single car has about 30,000 parts, counting every part down to the smallest screws, nuts and bolts. Some of these parts are made by the manufacturer, but there are lots of suppliers that make many of these parts. The 30,000 or so parts use different raw materials and different manufacturing processes.

Find the suppliers of automobile parts in Zambia in this category.