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Resource books to get quick specific facts or information or overview of the subject
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Resource books to get quick specific facts or information or overview of the subject
While general reference sources tend to be broad and multi-volumed works that cover a wide variety of topics and are great for quick reference, subject-specific reference sources tend to focus on a specific discipline or subject within a discipline and are useful for academic research because they tend to provide more depth about their subject matter and often point to other sources.
Treats a particular branch of knowledge in a comprehensive manner
Consumer education, and outreach to state, local and governments.
Study a foreign language and learn to communicate with people of other cultures.
Annual publications contain statistics and other general information
Meanings and definitions of words with pronunciations and translations
Primary tools for spatial analysis projecting physical features of the region
Learning languages helps developing strong cognitive skills and social interaction
Idiomatic expressions, meaning of words, language structure

Are you about to do some research? Reference books will help you to get quick specific facts or information or an overview of a particular subject. They also can provide general background information such as facts, definitions, dates, and details to assist you in getting factual and statistical information as well as references to other sources of information. In this category, you will find a wide selection of books to help you start your research such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, journals, directories, atlases, and textbooks to mention but a few. Your search for information on almost any topic will definitely begin and end by shopping here.

Use reference books, also called reference or background sources, or resources to get quick specific facts or information or an overview of a subject. Some examples of reference sources are dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, almanacs, directories, atlases, and handbooks. These can be online or in print. Print reference books are often shelved alongside other books on the same subjects.

Examples of reference books include almanacs, atlases, dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias and indexes. Reference sources are most useful when you are beginning to work on a topic and need to acquire some background knowledge about it.

Types of reference books

  • Dictionaries.
  • Encyclopedias.
  • Almanacs.
  • Directories.
  • Handbooks and yearbooks.
  • Atlases and bibliographies.

It elaborates on every concept vividly and clearly. Reference book helps you in enriching your knowledge and deeper your concepts and understanding. Reference books also give lots of problems on a single topic which enables you to practice lots of problems in the preparation for board exams.

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