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Chikumbuso is a grassroots project in Ng'ombe township in Lusaka. Founded by Linda Wilkinson in 2005, Chikumbuso provides an alternative lifestyle to vulnerable women and children. Free schooling is available, as well as adult training and capacity building, income generation activities and community building programs. 30 young adults have left the streets to come to Chikumbuso to learn new life skills in tailoring and cooking. The word Chikumbuso means remembrance.
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Beauty's Blend Handbag  image
A gorgeous handbag that is lavishly blended with colour cloth fabric. This handmade purse-sized handbag is fully fitted with an inside pocket and a snap enclosure mechanism to keep your items safe and secure.
Blue Party Bag image
Fun and flirty Pom-poms decorate this handcrafted handbag that is ideal for the necessary items you'll need for the party or event. This amazing bag is equipped with a secure interior pocket and a snap closure system to keep all your things safe.
Red Basket Weave Handbag image
A fun & flirty basket weave handbag in red and white design by Rhoida. Handcrafted in the heart of Zambia, this simple yet captivating handbag is adorned with a bouncy leather tassel, fitted with an inside pocket and a dependable snap-to-close button.
Namwinga's  Blue Handbag image
100% Zambian-made handbag masterfully crocheted with interlocking white triangles. This blue and white handbag comes standard with a snap-to-close feature and an inner pocket to safely secure your purse and other small valuables.
Black & White Handbag image
A lovely handcrafted Zambian-mand handbag with a black & white zig-zag pattern. This stylish bag adorned with a complementing tassel is a perfect addition to your bag collection and wardrobe.
Blue & White Handbag  image
A snazzy handmade handbag with bright blue & cheerful white colours adorned with stylish bone decor.
Red & White Sling Bag image
A Chic & Stylish handmade sling purse bag that is very is useful when you don’t have too many things to bring out! This Zambian-made bag is fitted a long strap, leather trim, and a durable zipper to keep everything secure.
Joyce's Tweed Bag image
A lovely handmade crocheted tweed handbag to go with your favourite outfits. This Zambian made handbag is not only adorned with gorgeous bone decor but is also fitted with a snap-to-close button and an inside pocket to keep all of your valuable items secure.
Classic Black Handbag  image
Present yourself in class with this sophisticated black handbag. This handmade bag with a snap-to-close button, an inside pocket for your valuable items and a lovely decorative leather tassel to accentuate and bring out the bag's charm.
Black & White Bag image
Black & White Bag
Bags, Shoes & Accessories
A lovely classic style purse with contrasting black and white lines. This handmade bag is adorned with leather straps and tassel to complete its unique design. It also features an inside pocket and a snap-to-close mechanism
Kapenda's Mini Handbag  image
A colourful grab and go handbag handcrafted with bone decor and a snap enclosure button that helps keep your items safe. This Zambian-made bag has been crocheted with a blue, red and tan colour designed and is lined with an interior pocket to purses, wallets and loose change.
Green & White Handbag  image
Complete your spectacular outfit with this lovely grab 'n go handbag. This handcrafted bag with a snap-to-close button, an interior lined pocket for your priceless items and a gorgeous green & white design to highlight your look and style.
Yellow Sling Purse  image
Yellow Sling Purse
Bags, Shoes & Accessories
A yellow sling purse bag masterfully handcrafted with durable Zambian cloth and plastic. This stunning bag has a line spacious compartment that can be closed with a zipper to safely secure your personal items.
Floral Tote Bag image
Floral Tote Bag
Bags, Shoes & Accessories
A gorgeous tote carry bag with a floral design that makes a perfect addition to your spring & summer outfit. Handcrafted with sturdy Zambian materials and assembled with brown leather handles and a small inside pocket
Blue Wristlet Bag  image
A small & fun handmade bag with a wrist strap on the side to help you hold the essentials in your bag. This blue wristlet purse bag is great for small occasions, or for a night out with the ladies. Handcrafted in Zambia with the finest cloth and leather, and designed with a zipper that keeps all of your items secure.
Wristlet Purse  image
Wristlet Purse
Wallets & Purses
A masterfully handmade blue & red small purse with wrist strap and zipper. Made with an inside pocket for separate storage and a leather tassel to complete your outfit. This Zambian wristlet purse is a great addition to your wardrobe.
Brown Tote Bag image
Brown Tote Bag
Bags, Shoes & Accessories
A stunning tote carry bag that makes a perfect addition to your outfit. Handmade with durable Zambian materials and fitted with leather handles and a small inside pocket for items that require quick and easy access.
Cloth & Leather Handbag image
Add a burst of colour with this enchanting shopping grab 'n go handbag. This lovely bag is designed with the finest Zambian cloth and leather handles to help you carry your items in a fun & fashionable way.
Diamond Pattern Handbag  image
Beautifully crocheted black and red diamonds have patterned this Zambian-made handcrafted handbag. This unique handbag is fitted with an inside pocket and a snap-to-close button as standard.
Musongo's Pattern Handbag  image
A wonderfully crocheted handbag, handmade with bold red, green and blue colours that add great definition. This Zambian-crafted bag is perfect for carrying all your daily essentials and with the snap enclosure button for security.
Alice's Shopping Bag image
Shopping can also be fashionable with this handcrafted cloth shopping bag. This chick shopping bag is trimmed with leather, has a reinforced base, is masterfully equipped with sturdy handles and also contains 2 Interior pockets.
Blue Laptop Sleeve  image
Blue Laptop Sleeve
Digital Gear & Camera Bags
This Ipad sleeve case is made of the finest Zambia fabrics to make sure your device is secure outside and inside. The unique case has a cotton quilted lining and a zipper to keep your device safe from harm.
Ipad Sleeve  image
Ipad Sleeve
Digital Gear & Camera Bags
Protect your Ipad, tablet or large phone with this stylish sleeve. This tablet pouch is handmade with fine Zambian fabrics and fitted with foam pads & a zipper making it both functional and fashionable.
Musongo's Magic Handbag  image
A beautiful handheld bag exquisitely accentuated with a brown leather top. 100% Zambian blue handmade plastic bag crocheted with white zig-zag lines and a leather tassel for a stylish finish.

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