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For an extensive range of vehicle spare parts, tyres and accessories for Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, VW, Mitsubishi, Honda, Scania, Volvo, Freightliner, MAN, and several other car, truck and bus brands. Maro Auto Spares makes a point of sourcing genuine parts from reputable suppliers from all over the world, including South Africa. For vehicle parts that are hard to find, Maro guarantees to source and deliver them to you within 10 days. Apart from supplying spare parts, Maro Auto also offers vehicle diagnosis and servicing. The company has branches in Lusaka town centre, Chilenje, Choma and Ndola.
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Shield Radiator Flush - 350ml image
Shield Radiator Flush - 350ml
Car Care & Cleaning
A radiator flush mixture designed to restore a vehicles cooling system to optimum levels by removing rust, scale and sludge and other deposits
Shield Carb Cleaner image
Shield Carb Cleaner
Car Care & Cleaning
Keep your engine running smoothly with this carb cleaner developed to remove sludge, dirt and carbon deposits from carburettors, chokes and PVC valves.
Shield Tool-In-A-Can Multi-Purpose Lubricant image
Silicone-free multi-purpose lubricating spray that not only prevents rust & corrosion but is also safe for use on electrical equipment
Shield anti-Freeze Coolant Green - 50% image
Extend the life of your vehicle with this anti-freeze coolant formulated boil-over protection and is suitable for cars with petrol or diesel engine.
Shield High Gloss Car Polish image
Shield High Gloss Car Polish
Car Care & Cleaning
Make your car shine like never before! This high gloss car polish creates a lasting shimmer, offers UV protection and works on all paint surfaces & colours.
Shield anti-Freeze Coolant Yellow - 50% image
Keep your engine cool with Shield's yellow anti-freeze coolant with boil-over protection & an anti-rust formula that provides enhanced fuel performance
Shield anti-Freeze Coolant Red - 50% image
Shield anti-Freeze Coolant Red - 50%
Fluids & Chemicals
Red coolant anti-freeze with a 50% concentration designed to maintain the health of your engine by providing boil-over protection to prevent overheating
Puma E.P 3 Grease image
Puma E.P 3 Grease
Puma Lubricants
A yellow-brown grease with smooth-textured lithium-base extreme pressure additives that prevents metal-to-metal contact of the lubricated surfaces
Shield Instant Engine Starter image
Shield Instant Engine Starter
Fluids & Chemicals
Highly-concentrated engine starter spray that is easy to use and assists the start of any petrol or diesel engine that puts less drain on the battery
Shield Power Steering Fluid -500ml image
A specially designed hydraulic fluid formulated with anti-shudder properties that enable the vehicle's steering system move with ease.
Puma Atf Ii Automatic Transmission Fluid image
A specialised lubricant developed for the use in modern automatic transmissions that require GM Dexron II D, MB 236.1, VOITH 55.6335, & Allison C-4
Puma Atf Iii Automatic Transmission Fluid image
A high-performance lubricant formulated with a high viscosity index, friction modifiers and anti-foam performance for use in modern automatic transmissions
Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid Type T-Iv image
A completely synthetic automatic transmission fluid specially engineered to provide protection against premature wear and tear on transmission parts
Spirax S2 Atf D2 Automatic Transmission Fluid image
A high-quality transmission fluid developed for various passenger car & heavy-duty transmissions, power steering and hydraulic fluid applications.
Total Fluidmatic M.V L.V Transmission Fluid image
An innovative synthetic-based automatic transmission fluid for use in the latest generation of high-efficiency 6-speed automatic transmissions
Fuchs Titan Atf 4134 Transmission Fluid image
Ultra High-Performance ATF automatic transmission fluid specially formulated to optimise shifting performance of Mercedes automatic transmissions.
Multi D.C.T.F Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid image
A high-performance synthetic lubricant suitable for a wide range of dual clutch transmission-equipped passenger cars, including Dry DCT and Wet DCT design
Motul Multi C.V.T.F Transmission Fluid image
High-performance synthetic fluid formulated with anti-corrosion & anti-foam properties specially engineered for continuously variable transmissions
Motul Multi Atf Automatic Transmission Fluid image
100% synthetic automatic transmission fluid engineered for use in most modern automatic transmissions, power steering systems, & torque converters
Motul Dexron Iii Automatic Transmission Fluid image
HIgh-quality automatic transmission fluid (ATF) for hydraulic, torque converter & power steering systems where DEXRON or MERCON standard is required.
Motul Atf Vi Automatic Transmission Fluid image
Synthetic low viscosity fluid engineered for modern automatic transmission & in torque converters, power steering, and mechanical and hydraulic systems
Max D.X Ii Atf Automatic Transmission Fluid image
Transmission fluid of the Dexron DX II type fluid that can also be used in power steering & hydraulic systems of vehicles & earth moving equipment
Engen Atf 22d Automatic Transmission Fluid image
High-quality automatic transmission fluids designed for use in automatic transmissions, power steering units and many hydraulic & hydrostatic systems.
Engen Atf Iii Automatic Transmission Fluid image
A semi-synthetic, multi-purpose ATF for automatic transmissions and power steering systems found in cars, light trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles.

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