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Having worked within Zambian communities for over 13 years, Vision Care Opticians has roughly estimated that more than 3 million people are in need of eye care, and majority of them are unaware of their eye conditions. For this reason, they have developed cost effective technology and the capacity to solve this problem by ensuring that the full supply chain of the optical industry is made available to the Zambian communities. Products available include ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses, vision therapy and prescription sunglasses. Vision Care Opticians are licensed HPCZ practitioners.
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Stepper Full Rim Eyeglass Frame  image
Crafted with anti-rust and corrosion-resistant material along with an elegant design, these full rim eyeglass frames express sophistication with is black colour and it shows taste with gold accents by the temples.
Jaguar Full Rim Eyeglass Frame image
A rectangular full rim frame designed by Jaguar featuring a single bridge, silicone nose pad set on a nickel-free, stainless steel body perfect for active wearers because it will not corrode or rust when exposed to water.
Oakley Full Rim Eyeglass Frame - White & Red  image
With bold red accents over white, these frames appeal to the competitor and adventurer who requires high-performance eyewear. Surpassing their impressive design and rugged materials, these black full rim eyeglass frames are sleek and offer modernised arms for a comfy fit.
Calvin Klein Full Rim Eyeglass Frames - Black image
Intensify and adhere to your retro side. These black full rim metal frames with elaborate temple designs throw it back to years long ago without losing a taste of modern-day fashion and trend.
Bavino Rimless Eyeglass Frames - Brown  image
Upgrade your style with these rimless Bavino eyeglass frames are lightweight yet durable. Designed with luxury in mind these frames are an excellent choice for your next prescription glasses
Prada Rectangular Semi-Rimless Eyeglass Frames - Black   image
These black rectangular semi-rimless frames by Prada embody both trusted design influences and dependable quality. By following their philosophy, one of superior design, choice of materials, & attention to what is important produces top-quality commodities that combine an innovative approach with a strong tradition in craftsmanship, presenting Prada products so rare & sought-after.
Porsche Design Semi-Rimless Eyeglass Frames - Black image
These black Porsche Design semi-rimless frames are sleek and stylish frames. Made from titanium, they're lightweight and long-lasting so they're perfect for everyday eyewear. Adaptable nose pads form a personalised fit and plastic temple tips provide added comfort.
Ray-Ban Full Rim Eyeglass Thin Frames - Black image
A sleek and elegant black full-rim frame that is built of tough, lightweight materials that draw attention but does not distract. Adjustable spring hinges ensure a tight fit, and the Ray-Ban logo etched on an accent piece on the temples adds appeal.
Hugo Boss Full Rim Eyeglass Frames - Black image
These full-rim titanium frames are classically attractive, with a rectangular profile that enhances a variety of face shapes.
Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Black blue tint  image
Full-rim sunglasses from Ray-Ban boast a modern-leaning Wayfarer-style contour for anyone who enjoys a classic style. Ray-Ban crafts the full-rim frames in hypoallergenic propionate, a nylon material that’s plenty sturdy for your active lifestyle.
Dunhill Semi-Rimless Eyeglass Frames - Gold & Titanium  image
Sophistication, opulence and functionality are a recognized attribute of the Alfred Dunhill accessories line. Especially These classic men's semi-rimless eyeglass frames that are excellently made and exemplify the affluent lifestyle.
Porsche Design Full Rim Eyeglass Frames image
These black Porsche Design full-rim frames designer frames are sleek, smooth and sure to impress anyone looking in your direction. They are made from lightweight and long-lasting materials so they're perfect for daily eyewear and for any occasion.
Spalding Semi-Rimless Eyeglass Frames - Blue/Black  image
With a vivid contrast between the black base and blue hues, these Spalding semi-rimless frames will exhibit confidence and eloquence from every angle
 IF Full Rim Eyeglass Frames - Maroon image
If you're someone who wishes for a beautiful, impression-making appearance at every gathering you go, add these full rim maroon frames by IF to your wardrobe.
Vision Care Full Rim Eyeglass Frames - Orange image
A simply designed pair of full rimmed orange frames for a defined look and feel. They are secure but relaxing on the nose due to the fine finish.
Vision Care Full Rim Sunglasses - Black  image
These full-rim sunglasses presents striking design the elite world of fashion luxury for a look that's modern and glamorous.
Mont Blanc Full Rim Eyeglass Frames - Black  image
A captivating enhancement to your wardrobe with exceptional quality eyeglasses by Mont Blanc. This designer takes cultivated, European style cues and remodels classic eyeglass frames into handsome, modern products. These black Mont Blanc full-rim eyeglass frames are a must-have!
Carolina Herrera Full Rim Eyeglass Frames - Red & Silver  image
Carolina Herrera is a renowned maker of premium Luxury frames, offering its lightweight and durable eyewear in an elegant and dignified design. Impress and illuminate your visage with this red full rimmed frame with silver sides that is assured to turn heads and bring wonderment.
Emporio Armani Full Rim Eyeglass Frames - Brown & Gold image
A carefully designed brown and gold full rim frame that seek to represent the unmistakable luxury and modern style, along with the daring and more youthful spirit as always presented by the Armani Collection
Hugo Boss Rimless Eyeglass Frames  image
From, Hugo Boss is a polished pair of eyeglasses created in a current rimless style. The lightweight frames are manufactured from a strong, corrosion-resistant metal that retains its durability and shape for lasting good looks.
Dior Full Rim Eyeglass Frames - Black & Gold  image
These Christian Dior frames are always known for their distinctive & innovative designs. These frames are the ultimate in luxury fashion. All frames are made exclusively in Italy. Present yourself and improve your look with these flawless black frames with gold temple trims that draws focus to your best facial features with this elaborate full rim frame design
 Nike Full Rim Eyeglass Frames - Black  image
Nike eyewear upholds the brand's reputation for unparalleled performance and on-trend styling by embracing technological innovation and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. This Black full rim frame is a true testament to the spirit that nike envokes and the unique fasion it will award you.
Nineteenth Street Full Rim Eyeglass Frames - Beige image
A classic beige full-rim frame in rectangle glasses is an all-time favourite pick due to its wider vision periphery. The Acetate body is lightweight and the colour easy to style with. An ideal pick for your regulars at any age.
Carerra Full Rim Eyeglass Frames - Black  image
A striking designer frame made to last and created to make anyone good marvellous with its cutting edge full rim design. Carrera eyewear styles range from striking statement-making eyeglass frames offering the Euro-chic sophistication that has acquired brand favour within star societies worldwide.

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