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Having worked within Zambian communities for over 13 years, Vision Care Opticians has roughly estimated that more than 3 million people are in need of eye care, and majority of them are unaware of their eye conditions. For this reason, they have developed cost effective technology and the capacity to solve this problem by ensuring that the full supply chain of the optical industry is made available to the Zambian communities. Products available include ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses, vision therapy and prescription sunglasses. Vision Care Opticians are licensed HPCZ practitioners.
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M.C.M Eyeglass Frames  Full Rim  - Black image
A black full-rim frame with eye-catching temple inflexions. This is a modern frame with traditional accents that establishes it apart from the rest.
Wayfarer Sunglasses  - Black & Silver image
Elevate your look with these charismatic black and silver sunglasses that have been crafted with modern styling and features that hold a striking design.
Eyeglass Frames Full-Rim - Pink & Grey image
Eyeglass Frames Full-Rim - Pink & Grey
Eyeglasses Frames
Vision Care Opticians
A pink and grey cat-eye-inspired full-rim plastic eyeglass frame. This is a frame that is bold and vibrant that showcases your outgoing and fun nature.
Eyeglass Frames  Full-Rim - Black & Purple image
Eyeglass Frames Full-Rim - Black & Purple
Eyeglasses Frames
Vision Care Opticians
A distinctive black & purple wayfarer-inspired full-rim eyeglass frame. This frame that is bold and vibrant will bring forth your outgoing and fun nature.
Plastic Eyeglass Frame Full-Rim - Brown image
Plastic Eyeglass Frame Full-Rim - Brown
Eyeglasses Frames
Vision Care Opticians
A full-rim eyeglass frame that is wonderful to wear and alluring to see. Made with corrosion-resistant polymers, and a dazzling dark brown gradient design.
Eyeglass Frames Full-Rim - Orange image
Eyeglass Frames Full-Rim - Orange
Eyeglasses Frames
Vision Care Opticians
A simply designed pair of full-rim orange eyeglass frames for a defined look and feel. They are secure but relaxing on the nose due to the fine finish.
Eyeglass Frame  Full-Rim  - Rectangular image
Eyeglass Frame Full-Rim - Rectangular
Eyeglasses Frames
Stepper Eyewear
An elegant pair of full-rim eyeglass frames crafted to express sophistication with a bold black finish and temples with gold accents that suit most faces.
 Eyeglass Frames Semi-Rimless  - Gold/Titanium image
Enhance your appearance with these classic men's semi-rimless eyeglass frames are excellently crafted to exemplify the affluent lifestyle.
Bavino Brown Eyeglass Frames - Rimless  image
Bavino Brown Eyeglass Frames - Rimless
Eyeglasses Frames
Bavino Eyewear
Upgrade your style with these rimless eyeglass frames. Designed with luxury in mind these frames are an excellent choice for your next prescription lenses.
Eyeglass Frames  Semi-Rimless  - Blue/Black  image
With a vivid contrast between the black base and blue hues, these Spalding semi-rimless frames will exhibit confidence and eloquence from every angle.
I.F Eyeglass Frames  Full-Rim  - Maroon image
If you're someone who wishes for a beautiful, captivating appearance at every gathering, add these full-rim maroon frames by IF to your wardrobe.
Eyeglass Frames  Full-Rim  - Beige image
Eyeglass Frames Full-Rim - Beige
Eyeglasses Frames
Nineteenth Street
A beige-coloured full-rim frame crafted with lightweight acetate and a modern design that suits most faces. A cool choice for your regulars at any age.
 Eyeglass Frames Full-Rim - Multicolour image
Eyeglass Frames Full-Rim - Multicolour
Eyeglasses Frames
Nineteenth Street
This colourful full-rim frame crafted lightweight acetate and vibrant colours are easy to style with. A perfect pick for your regulars at any age.
Valenza Eyeglass Frames  Full-Rim  - Purple image
Frame your life with these full-rim eyeglass frames. Each pair is prescription-ready and features a square contour and straight arms with curved tips.
Chanel Eyeglass Frames  Semi-Rimless Black  image
An elegant pair of semi-rimless black eyeglass frames that softly display what luxury means. Let these trendsetting frames elevate your style!
Montblanc  Black Eyeglass Frame  - Full-Rim  image
A pair of high-quality full-rim eyeglass frames crafted with comfortable materials and a contemporary design style that is sure to attract attention.
Eyeglass Frames Full-Rim  - Black & Silver image
A luxurious pair crafted with exceptional quality and ready for prescription lenses. These black & silver full-rim eyeglass frames are a must-have!
 Eyeglass Frames Full-Rim - Maroon & Gold image
Revitalise your look with these eyeglass frames crafted with dazzling gold accents and durable lightweight materials for a perfect and comfortable fit.
Eyeglass Frames Full-Rim   - Gold & Brown  image
These brown and gold full-rim eyeglass frames are the ideal pair of eyeglasses that embody both top-notch quality, craftsmanship and integrity.
Black Eyeglass Frames Full-Rim -  Round image
Elevate your appearance with these black full-rim frames masterfully designed to express a bold, extravagant and sophisticated style.
 Eyeglass Frames Semi-Rimless - Matte Brown  image
A pair of semi-rimless metal eyeglass frames which features a sleek design, which can be found in the sleek lines completed with a smooth matte finish.
Eyeglass Frames  Full-Rim  - Maroon image
Eyeglass Frames Full-Rim - Maroon
Eyeglasses Frames
Enhance your look with these maroon & gold full-rim frames that seek to express a bold and modern style, along with a striking and more passionate spirit.
Black Eyeglass Frames round Full-Rim image
Striking, minimalistic and useful, these gold-decorated black full-rim round black frames are prescription-ready and are perfect for wearing every day!
Eyeglass Frames Full-Rim - Matte Blue  image
Fashionable, casual and practical, these classically-styled full-rim square black frames for men & women are worthy to be a part of your collection

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