Hope Underground - A Story of Faith and Miracles

Hope Underground - A Story of Faith and Miracles

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It was the longest underground entrapment in history. For ten weeks the faith and endurance of a group of Chilean miners, their families and rescue workers were severely tested as the miners remained trapped 700 metres below the Atacama Desert. Many feared the rescue effort would be merely a body-recovery process. Yet instead of abandoning hope, the miners' family chose to place themselves at the mercy of the elements and camp around the mine in what later became known as Camp Hope uniting in their prayers for a miracle.

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The Chilean Government and the rescue team, despite several major setbacks, never gave up, on the contrary, President Pinera reaffirmed his country's commitment to saving the miners while at the same time acknowledging that only God could help them succeed in this impossible mission.

For their part, the trapped miners clung to the belief that this was not to be their end, and with faith and hope fought against almost certain death. And God did not disappoint. Ultimately all the miners were found alive and their rescue was watched live by a billion viewers.

For most people, this spectacular rescue is already yesterday's news. But for the millions who prayed for the miracle, this event has become a spiritual heritage for the whole world, a stirring reminder that God listens to the pleas of His children.

AuthorCarlos Parra Diaz
PublisherAPC (January 1, 2012)

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