Cycad Cycadophyta Pine Apple Palm

Cycad Cycadophyta Pine Apple Palm

The wonderful flora known as Cycads have been referred to as “living fossils” because they have existed before the dinosaurs. There are approximately 300 known species of cycads and new species of cycad are still being discovered.
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Cycads are seed plants with a very long fossil history that were formerly more abundant and more diverse than they are today. They typically have a stout and woody trunk with a crown of large, hard and stiff, evergreen leaves. They usually have pinnate leaves.

  • Indoor cycads should never dry out
  • The soil needs to be kept moist but not saturated.

Foliage A stout and woody trunk with a crown of large, hard and stiff, evergreen leaves.
Size from having trunks only a few centimeters to several meters tall. They typically grow very slowly and live very long, with some specimens known to be as much as 1,000 years old.
WateringWatered twice a week
Light Outside: Full Sun
TemperatureOutside: 21°C, Indoor: °C)
Toxicity All parts of the plant are toxic; however, the seeds contain the highest level of the toxin cycasin. Cycasin causes gastrointestinal irritation, and in high enough doses, leads to liver failure.
Pests Mealy bug, Mites & Sider Mites, Scale, Thrips, Whitefly, Xaterpillers, Borers and Termites
Problems Damping Off, Bud Rot, Wilt Diseas, Root Rot, Sooty Mould, Rust, Lethal Yellowing

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