Agave  Attenuata Fox Tail

Agave Attenuata Fox Tail

A type of succulent plant from the southwestern parts of the United States. They have thick, sharp leaves. Agave plants flower only once, produce seeds and then die. Before flowering they usually live for 10 to 25 years
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Still one of our all time favourite plants, originating from Mexico. Multiple rosettes of large, sharply pointed, grey-green leaves emerge from a stem that often lies flat across the ground. As each rosette of leaves matures, usually after 4 to 5 years, an amazing floral spectacle emerges in the form a flower spike 3 metres or more tall.

Foliage blue-green & variegated
Shape rosette Diameter: 2m (6 feet) High: 8m (25 feet)
Watering in rest periodsparingly
Watering in active growth periodplentifully
Temperature in rest periodmin 10°C max 13°C (50-55°F)
Temperature in active growth periodmin 16°C max 24°C (61-75°F)
Humidity low
Hardiness zones8-10

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