Mc55 Walk behind Industrial Scrubber Sweeper

Mc55 Walk behind Industrial Scrubber Sweeper

MC55 is a fully automatic sweeper and scrubber machine with a double roller brush design, which integrates sweeping, scrubbing and drying in one. The floor will be completely new after using it. In addition to sucking dirty water, soil, sand, and oil into the sewage tank, it can also clean up screws, wood chips, iron nails, welding slag and other metal fragments. One machine with two functions, it's more efficient and convenient. It's especially suitable for uneven floor and heavy dirt industrial floors.

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Product Features

  • Integrate the functions of sweeper and scrubber, one machine for dual purposes, greatly saving equipment investment costs
  • Standard aluminum alloy die-casting integrated wiper rake, anti-corrosion, better wiper effect
  • Ultra-quiet structure design, after multiple noise reduction treatments, reduce noise pollution during use, suitable for use in various quiet environments including hospitals
  • Equipped with a warning light to remind the sewage is full, the fan will automatically stop when the sewage is full ,it to prevent the motor from being damaged by the overflow
  • Equipped with the fan delayed shutdown function to reduce residual water stains on the ground during shutdown
  • quipped with ECO energy-saving mode to extend equipment life and improve work efficiency.

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Model No. MC55
Max. Performance 3500 m²/h
Rated Voltage24V
Rolling Brush 2PCs
Rolling Brush/Squeegee Lifting Method Auto
Scrubbing Width 850mm
Max Forward Speed 7km/h
Continuous Working Time 3-4h
Grade Ability 30%
Solution Tank Capacity 60 litres
Recovery Tank Capacity 65 litres
Trash Bin Capacity 10 litres
Machine Net Weight 220kg
Machine Size 1540x800x1000mm

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