Miharting Mc90 Floor Scrubber Sweeper

Miharting Mc90 Floor Scrubber Sweeper

Keep your area clean and spotless with an Miharting MC90, a large fully automatic scrubber sweeper which integrates sweeping, scrubbing and drying in one.
K285,000 per machine
Last updated 22 Nov 2022

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MC90 is a large fully automatic scrubber sweeper machine, which integrates sweeping, scrubbing and drying in one. One machine with two functions, it's more efficient and convenient. In addition to sucking dirty water, soil, sand, and oil into the sewage tank, it can also clean up screws, wood chips, iron nails, welding slag and other metal fragments. One machine with two functions, it's more efficient and convenient. It's especially suitable for large outdoor squares and industrial floors with heavy grease.

Product Features

  • Integrate the functions of sweeper and scrubber, one machine for dual purposes, greatly saving equipment investment costs.
  • Composed of a high-power rear drive axle with High-end quality, stable and reliable performance, and strong driving ability;
  • Double roller brush cleaning and scrubbing structure design, independent double roller brush motor drive;
  • Large-capacity roto-moulding water tank with independent mold opening design,200L capacity, water storage once can operate for a long time. Save a lot of non-operation time such as adding water and waterproofing; The water level of the clean water tank is visible, and the sewage tank is equipped with an automatic protection system for full water.
  • Design with a high-power suction fan, and integrate the fan in the water tank cover, While ensuring maximum suction power, noise pollution can be reduced, and it can effectively protect the motor, Avoiding the motor damage caused by the overflow of the recovery tank.

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Dimensions184cm · 128cm · 153.5cm
Product TitleMiharting Mc90 Ride on Industrial Floor Scrubber Sweeper
Max. Performance 6000 m²/h
Rated Voltage 36V
Rolling Brush 2PCs
Rolling Brush/Squeegee Width Auto
Scrubbing Width 1280mm
Max. Forward Speed 7km/h
Continous Working Time 3-4h
Grade Ability 30%
Solution Tank Capacity 190 litres
Recovery Tank Capacity 200 litres
Trash Bin Capacity 15 litres

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