C50  Manual Floor Sweeper

C50 Manual Floor Sweeper

C50 manual floor sweeper is applied to sweep leaves, cigarette butts, paper scraps and dust. It’s totally energy saving, noiseless and space saving. Neither electricity or fuel is required, all you need to do is push then the garbage will be cleaned away. The cleaning efficiency of this machine is 6 times against that of manual broom cleaning; It can be used for indoor and outdoor cleaning, hotels, guesthouses, properties, basements

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Product Features:

  • Cleans up to 5 times quicker than a conventional broom. Sweeps up to 3,680 square meter per hour
  • Human-powered sweeper mechanism requires no electricity. Easy to push with minimal physical effort, weighs only 22.Kgs
  • Ergonomic handle, flexible and comfortable.
  • 45 L waste container is simple to empty and keeps you from getting dirty in the process. Easy disposal, no contact with the dirt
  • Perfect for cleaning garages, driveways, sidewalks and storage areas. Clear your garden paths, patios and driveways up to five times faster with the sweeper;
  • Dual spinning brushes sweep right up to the edge of area being cleaned

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Model No. C50
Max Performance 3680 m²/h
Cleaning Width 1000mm
Diameter of Main Brush 480mm
Continuous Working TimeAll Day Long
PowerWithout Electric or Fuel, Total Manual
Trash Bin Capacity 45 litres
Ventilation Filter Available
Handle Adjustment Three Gears of Height Available for Adjustment
Main Brush AdjustmentFour Gears of Adjustment based on Ground Condition
Net Weight 22.2Kgs

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