Yellow  Gold Garnet  Cross Earrings

Yellow Gold Garnet Cross Earrings

The Cross is a symbol of Atonement and reminds Christians of God's love in sacrificing His own Son for humanity. A classic & all-time favourite earrings Will definitely define your love for that special someone. Great gift for girlfriend, families, or best friends on Christmas day, birthday, Valentines day, anniversary, graduations, thanksgiving day, holidays, easter, mother's day etc
$1,620 per pair

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Garnets are a collection of minerals in different colour variations including red, green, orange and pinkish orange. The most common is red garnet that is representative of Valentine’s. Zambia boasts of the Rhodolite that is rich in colour with a strong resemblance with the pomegranate fruit. Similar to the ruby, garnets are believed to hold within them the energy of passion, creativity and joy. They are also significant of carrying power and vitality.

GemstoneGold Hessonite 5.51ctx2,
GemstoneRhodolite Garnet 3.39ctx2, PYG 2.8ctx8
MetalYellow Gold 18 karat

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