Yellow Gold Tourmaline  Tappered Cage Earrings

Yellow Gold Tourmaline Tappered Cage Earrings

The most desirable and in turn, valuable, watermelon tourmaline displays rings in two shades of green surrounding a hot pink core. This is more expensive than other stones of the same variety as it is referred to as 'true' watermelon tourmaline making for amazing earrings
$9,101 per pair

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One variation of pink tourmaline is referred to as watermelon tourmaline because it has a pink center surrounded by an outer green "rind." This variation is said to link the emotions of the pink center to the physical being of the outer green rock, bringing joy to a person's life and relationships.

Gemstone Watermelon Tourmaline 16.13 carat (x2)
MetalYellow Gold 18 carat
Audio (example)2.1 stereo system

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