Rose Gold Green Tourmaline  Swan Pendant

Rose Gold Green Tourmaline Swan Pendant

A swan is a symbol of love for one another, a full cut tourmaline on the drop, the eyes set. This pendant shows your affection making a beautiful gift to your special friend
$1,745 per pendant

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Green Tourmaline is a variety of Tourmaline specifically green; sometime otherwise regarded as Verdelite in the trade. With color ranging from bright electric to subtle mild green making it highly sought-after stone in the color stone family.

But green tourmalines of good colour and transparency are a rare thing in any gemstone mine. And if, in addition, they are also free of inclusions, they are very highly coveted indeed.

GemstoneGreen Tourmaline 3.56ct
Metal14kt Rose Gold
Audio (example)2.1 stereo system

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