The Fabric of English Civil Justice

The Fabric of English Civil Justice

Sir Jack Jacob's book, based on his 1986 Hamlyn Lectures, draws on the insights gained over many years experience of English civil procedure to offer a panoramic overview of one of the most essential elements in any system of justice. The author begins by sketching in the fundamental features of the system and then discusses a range of issues and problems arising from every stage. The approach is critical, comparative, and reformist.
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Topics covered include:

  • The Adversary System
  • Demarcation between Pre-Trial and Trial
  • System of Costs Sources of Civil Procedural Law Preparation for Trial
  • Pre-Trial Remedies
  • Trial and Enforcement
  • Review and Appeal
  • Costs
  • The Future

Civil justice often seems a remote, incomprehensible topic, of no apparent relevance to ordinary people. This book, by the leading authority on the subject, seeks to bring a breath of fresh air to the corridors of justice and to help the man in the street to understand and appreciate its operation and its importance.

Author(s) Sir Jack I. H. Jacob
Publisher - ImprintStevens and Sons
Print Length-
Publication date1987
Language English
Reading Level / AudienceStudents, Practitioners, & Professionals

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