Battery Hazzard Stickers

Battery Hazzard Stickers

Battery hazard stickers are warning labels that are affixed to batteries or battery-powered devices to indicate the potential hazards associated with them.
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Last updated Apr 16 2023

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These stickers are typically bright in colour and feature bold, clear graphics and text to quickly convey the danger involved.

The purpose of battery hazard stickers is to inform individuals of the potential risks associated with handling, using, or transporting batteries. These stickers are designed to communicate the type of hazard that the battery poses, such as fire, explosion, or toxicity.

For example, a battery hazard sticker may feature the universal symbol for fire, a graphic of flames, and text that warns of the potential for fire or explosion. Another sticker may feature the symbol for toxicity, a graphic of a skull and crossbones, and a warning about the battery's contents being harmful to health.

Battery hazard stickers may also include information on how to properly handle or dispose of the battery, such as not puncturing or incinerating the battery and following local regulations for battery disposal.

It is important to pay attention to battery hazard stickers and take appropriate precautions when handling or using batteries to prevent injury or damage. Always read and follow the instructions on the sticker and any accompanying manuals or safety guides.

TitleBattery Hazzard Stickers
DescriptionSelf-adhesive, thick and durable polyolefin material Complies to ISO7010

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