Bracket Us3000b

Bracket Us3000b

The Pylon Accessories Bracket US3000B is a mounting bracket designed for the US3000B lithium-ion battery produced by Pylon Technologies, also known as Pylontech. The US3000B is a 48V, 3.5kWh battery module commonly used in residential and commercial energy storage systems.
K1,360 per bracket
Updated Apr 24 2023

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Similar to the bracket for the US2000B, the US3000B bracket is also made of high-quality aluminum alloy and is designed to securely mount the US3000B battery module on a wall or other vertical surface. It is easy to install and provides a stable and secure mounting solution for the battery. The bracket is designed to hold one US3000B battery module, but it can be combined with additional brackets to create a multi-battery mounting solution.

The Pylon Accessories Bracket US3000B is a popular accessory for Pylontech's US3000B battery module, as it provides a convenient and reliable way to mount the battery in a variety of settings. This bracket is also compatible with the US2000B battery module, which allows for greater flexibility in designing and installing energy storage systems that use different battery sizes.


A set of battery brackets which allows vertical stacking of the Pylon battery unit. 1 set required per additional battery added.

TitleBracket US3000B
CategoryPylon Accessories

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