Man Combi Instrument 01.81.27202.6090

Man Combi Instrument 01.81.27202.6090

Combi instrument, also known as a combination instrument, is a type of dashboard instrument used in modern vehicles.
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Last updated Apr 06 2023

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It is a digital display that provides the driver with important information about the vehicle's performance and status, including speed, fuel level, engine RPM, temperature, and warning messages.

The combi instrument typically features a colorful and easy-to-read LCD or OLED display, which can be customized to display various types of information based on the driver's preferences. Many combi instruments are also backlit, making them easy to read in low-light conditions.

Some combi instruments may also feature additional functionalities, such as a trip computer, which can provide the driver with real-time information about fuel consumption, distance traveled, and other useful data. Some combi instruments may also feature built-in diagnostic capabilities, which can help the driver or mechanic diagnose and troubleshoot issues with the vehicle.

Combi instruments are typically found in newer vehicles and are often integrated with other electronic systems, such as infotainment systems and driver assistance features. They provide drivers with a clear and convenient way to monitor their vehicle's performance and status, helping them to drive safely and efficiently.

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