Man Shift Knob Lever 01.81.32620.0044

Man Shift Knob Lever 01.81.32620.0044

The MAN shift knob lever is a component of the manual transmission system in certain models of MAN trucks.
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Last updated Apr 06 2023

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It is the handle or knob that is used to shift gears in the transmission, and it is typically located on the top of the transmission shifter assembly.

The shift knob lever is usually made of a durable material, such as plastic or metal, and is designed to fit comfortably in the driver's hand. It may be round or oblong in shape, depending on the specific make and model of MAN truck. The shift knob lever may also feature a pattern of grooves or ridges to improve grip and control.

The shift knob lever is attached to the shifter assembly via a threaded screw or other mechanism. To shift gears, the driver must first depress the clutch pedal, move the shift knob lever to the desired gear position, and then release the clutch pedal to engage the new gear.

The shift knob lever is subjected to a high level of stress and wear over time, as it is constantly in use while driving. Over time, the shift knob lever may become worn or damaged, which can affect the driver's ability to shift gears smoothly and accurately.

Replacing the MAN shift knob lever typically involves removing the old shift knob lever from the shifter assembly, cleaning the assembly, and installing a new shift knob lever. It is important to use the correct size and type of shift knob lever for the specific make and model of MAN truck to ensure proper fit and function. It is also recommended to inspect and replace the shift knob lever regularly, according to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule, to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

TitleMan Shift Knob Lever
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