Nh Fuse Link 200a for Keto1

Nh Fuse Link 200a for Keto1

A NH Fuse Link is a type of fuse designed for high power applications, typically used in industrial settings. NH stands for "Neozed HRC" (High Rupturing Capacity), which is a standard for fuses used in high-power circuits.
K279 per fuse
Last updated Apr 15 2023

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The NH Fuse Link 200A is rated for a maximum current of 200 amps and is specifically designed for use with the Keto1 switch. The Keto1 switch is a type of disconnect switch commonly used in industrial applications to isolate electrical equipment for maintenance or repair.

The NH Fuse Link 200A is designed to protect the Keto1 switch and other connected equipment from overcurrent conditions that could damage the equipment or create safety hazards. In the event of an overcurrent condition, the fuse link will melt and open the circuit, preventing further flow of current. This interruption of the circuit prevents damage to equipment and reduces the risk of electrical hazards such as electrical fires or shocks.

It is important to use the correct type and rating of fuse for a particular application to ensure proper protection and safety.

This is the ideal battery fuse disconnector to be used as DC protection between the battery and inverter. This fuse link is to be used with NH1 fuse holder Rating of this fuse link is 200A

Title Automatic Voltage Switch, 30A
FunctionBattery Protection

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