Nh Fuse-Link 160a for Keto-00

Nh Fuse-Link 160a for Keto-00

A NH (Neozed-Household) Fuse Link 160A is a type of fuse used for protecting electrical circuits from overcurrent. It is designed to be used with the KETO-00 electrical installation system, which is commonly used in low power applications such as small machines, control circuits, and lighting.
K214.77 per fuse
Last updated Apr 6 2023

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The NH Fuse Link 160A for KETO-00 is a high-capacity fuse with a rated current of 160A. It is a cylindrical shaped component with metal end caps, typically made of brass or copper, and a ceramic body that provides electrical insulation.

The NH Fuse Link 160A for KETO-00 is designed to be used in a specific type of fuse holder, known as an NH fuse base for KETO-00. This base is compatible with the KETO-00 system and provides a secure and reliable connection between the fuse link and the circuit it is designed to protect.

When an overcurrent condition occurs in a circuit protected by an NH Fuse Link 160A for KETO-00, the fuse link will heat up and eventually melt, interrupting the flow of current and protecting the circuit from damage. The NH Fuse Link 160A for KETO-00 is a replaceable component, and must be replaced with another NH Fuse Link 160A of the same rating if it has been used to protect a circuit that has experienced an overcurrent condition.

Overall, the NH Fuse Link 160A for KETO-00 is a reliable and effective component for protecting electrical circuits in low power applications that use the KETO-00 electrical installation system.

160A fuse link to be used with the Keto-00 disconnector switch. The Keto-00 requires two fuses.

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