Nh Fuse Link 125a for Keto00

Nh Fuse Link 125a for Keto00

An NH fuse link 125A for Keto00 is a type of high-capacity fuse used for protecting electrical circuits and equipment rated up to 125A. The "NH" in the name stands for "Neozed-Hochleistungs," which is a German term meaning "high-performance Neozed."
K222 per fuse
Last updated Apr 16 2023

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The NH fuse link 125A for Keto00 consists of a ceramic body with metal contacts at each end. The fuse element inside the body is made of a high-quality metal alloy that melts when subjected to excessive current flow, thus breaking the circuit and preventing damage to the equipment. The fuse link is designed to fit into a specific size of fuse holder or fuse base, which is rated for the same current capacity.

The Keto00 designation refers to a specific type of fuse base that the NH fuse link 125A is designed to fit into. The Keto00 base is a DIN rail mountable fuse holder that is commonly used in industrial and commercial applications. The NH fuse link 125A for Keto00 is a popular choice for protecting large motors, transformers, and other high-current equipment.

125A fuse link to be used with the Keto-00 disconnector switch. The Keto-00 requires two fuses.

TitleNH Fuse Link 125A for Keto00
FunctionBattery Protection

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