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Test equipment, measuring tools, handheld thermometers etc.
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Digital Thermometer  with Stainless Steel Sensor Probe  image
Digital Cooking Thermometer Measures Temperatures for a wide variety of foods. Acquire peace of mind from knowing that your food is fully cooked, especially when cooking large cuts of meat. The digital display will provide you with a very accurate and clear indication of the temperature in the centre of the food. This very handy device is must-have access for the kitchen! Digital thermometer with stainless steel sensor probe can be used for a whole range of different food types Very Easy to use, features a large and simple to read LCD display

Measurement & Analysis Instruments

Test equipment, measuring tools, handheld thermometers etc.
Devices which process light waves to enhance an image for a more clear view.
The process of measuring a current local temperature for evaluation.
Instruments used to measure pressure in gases and liquids.
Of quantitative data, such as weight, length, time or temperature etc
Counters are measurement units, readings at particular intervals
Used for measuring physical and electrical quantities.
A timer is a specialized type of clock used for measuring specific time intervals.
Determine height, weight, blood pressure, exercise capacity etc
A weighing scale is a mechanical or digital device used to measure weight.
Voltmeter, Ammeter, Wattmeter, Ohmmeter, Multimeter, Q-Meter and more
Labware, lab trays, lab pans used to transport, store. Lab utensils and instruments

Electronics, research labs, material analysis, manufacturing, and particle analysis all use to test and measure equipment to measure various components of the materials they are working with and analyzing. For different types of machinery and systems, various measuring tools, instruments and gauges are used. Measuring instruments and gauges are used to measure various parameters such as clearance, diameter, depth, ovality, trueness, etc. List of Measuring Tools: Ruler - A steel ruler aids the measurement and layout of straight lines. Measuring Tape - roughly palm-sized casing contains a coiled strip of metal marked with increments of measurement. Walking Tape Measure, Laser Measure, Angle Gauge, Calipers, Digital Multimeters & Oscilloscopes, Optical Instruments, Temperature Measurements, Laser Rangefinders, Weighing Scales, Voltage & Current Testers, Nature Element Measurements, Measuring & Gauging Tools, Electricity Energy Meter, Battery Testers, Tachometer, Network Cable Testers, Metal Detectors, Flow Meters, Gas Analyzers. Instrument Parts & Accessories and Other Instruments

Measuring Instruments

  • Rulers, Yardsticks and Meter Sticks. Rulers are used to measure length, as are meter sticks and yardsticks
  • Beakers, Graduated Cylinders, and Cups. Beakers graduated cylinders and measuring cups are used to measure the volume of a liquid
  • Scales and Balances

Measurement & Analysis Instruments

  • Analog Measuring Tools
  • Angle Locator.
  • Bubble Inclinometer.
  • Callipers.
  • Compass.
  • Level.
  • Pressure Gauge.
  • Protractor.
  • Ruler.

In the electronic industry voltmeters, ohmmeters, ammeters, capacitance meters, and EMF meters (to measure electronic and magnetic fields), signal generators, digital pattern generators, pulse generators, oscilloscopes and frequency counters are used to produce signals and then measure the response of the object being tested.

Measuring instruments are categorised into three types;

  • Electrical Instrument.
  • Electronic Instrument.
  • Mechanical Instrument.

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