Automatic Transfer Switch 63a 4pole

Automatic Transfer Switch 63a 4pole

An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) 63A 4Pole is a device used to transfer electrical power between two sources in the event of a power failure.
K2,160 per switch
Last updated Apr 16 2023

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This type of ATS is similar to the 2Pole version, but it has four poles, which means it can switch four conductors simultaneously.

The "63A" in the name refers to the maximum current rating of the switch, which is 63 amps. This means that the switch can handle a maximum current of 63 amps without tripping the circuit breaker. The 4Pole indicates that the switch has four poles, which means it can switch four conductors or phases simultaneously.

The ATS 63A 4Pole is typically used in three-phase power systems, which are commonly found in industrial and commercial applications. In such applications, it is important to ensure that critical loads such as data centers, hospitals, or production lines continue to operate without interruption, even if one power source fails.

The ATS 63A 4Pole is designed with a number of safety features, such as overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and under-voltage protection, to ensure that the switch operates safely and reliably. It also has a mechanism to automatically detect power outages or other problems and to switch to the backup power source within a few seconds.

Overall, the ATS 63A 4Pole is an important component in many critical power applications, particularly in industrial and commercial settings where the cost of downtime can be high. It provides a reliable and automatic way to switch between power sources and ensures that the critical loads remain powered at all times, thereby avoiding costly interruptions to operations.

Model Number: SQ3W-63 Max. Current: 63A Max. Voltage: AC 220V Type No.:: SQ3W ATS Rated Current:: 6A~63A Rated Voltage:: AC 400V Intelligent Controller voltage:: AC220V, AC11OV Certificate:: IEC, CCC, CE Circuit breaker type:: DZ47 Warranty:: 2 years Mode:: Manual and Auto operation Pole No.:: 4P

TitleAutomatic Transfer Switch 63A 4Pole
FunctionDB Extras (AC)

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